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May 5, 2021

12:00pm Zoom Webinar

Nyeema Harris
University of Michigan

" Here, Not There, But Everywhere: Spatial Variation in Parasitism "

Parasitism is the most ubiquitous ecological interaction in nature. Micro and macroparasites alike are, in short, the ultimate regulators. They alter hosts’ behaviors, structure communities, and disrupt ecosystem processes.  Despite persistent vilification, there remains a need to assess the vulnerabilities of parasites and understand the implications of their loss. The Applied Wildlife Ecology (AWE) Lab led by Dr. Nyeema Harris contributes to the conversation by investigating spatial variation in host-parasite occurrence in carnivores including several species of conservation concern. From microbiomes in coyotes to ectoparasites in island foxes to helminths in African lions, the AWE Lab’s exploration reveals new considerations to anticipate global socio-environmental change. Ultimately, they aim to promote a more inclusive community of practice in conservation biology to secure a healthy future where the diversity of ecological interactions are maintained and studied by an equally diverse scientific community.

Host: Audra Huffmeyer