Our Emeritus Faculty

Allen, Bennet Mills (1877-1963), first chair of the former Dept. of Zoology
Appleman, David (1899-1995), 68 years at the University of California
Atsatt, Sarah R. (1888-1971)
Ball, Gordon H. (1899-1982), UCLA Medalist, served as chair
Barber, Albert Alcide
Bartholomew, George (1919-2006), Distinguished Teaching Award; member, National Academy of Sciences; served as chair
Beckwith, Theodore Day (1879-1946)
Belkin, John Nicholas (1913-1980)
Bellamy, Albert M. (1892-1972), served as chair
Biale, Jacob B. (1908-1989)
Carlson, E. A., Distinguished Teaching Award
Cascarano, Joseph, Distinguished Teaching Award
Cody, Martin L.
Collias, Nicholas E. (1914-2010)
Cowles, Raymond Bridgeman (1896-1975)
Crescitelli, Frederick (1909-1992)
Ebeling, Walter (1907-2010)
Ebersold, Wilbur T. (1928-2009), served as chair
Eckert, Roger O. (1934-1986)
Edney, Eric Berry (1913-2000)
Engelmann, Franz
Epling, Carl Clawson (1894-1968)
Furgason, Waldo (1902-1975)
Gibson, Arthur
Gordon, Malcolm
Gonzalez, Elma, Distinguished Teaching Award
Gowaty, Patricia Adair
Hamner, Karl Clemens (1908-1989), served as chair
Hamner, William M.
Haupt, Arthur Wing (1894-1987)
Hespenheide, Henry
Howell, Thomas Raymond (1924-2004)
Hubbell, Stephen
Jahn, Theodore Louis (1905-1979), served as chair
James, Thomas William (1918-1995)
Johnson, Arthur Mourad (1878-1943)
Kavanau, J. Lee
Krichesky, Boris (1904-1949), served as chair; died while in active faculty service
Lang, Anton (1913-1996), member, National Academy of Sciences
Lazier, Edgar L. (1899-1973) also served as Director of Admissions
Lewis, F. (Frank) Harlan, (1919-2008) served as chair and dean
Lunt, Owen Raynal (1921-2010)
MacInnis, Austin J. (1931-2009)
Mathias, Mildred E. (1906-1995), for whom the UCLA Botanical Garden is named
Miller, Loye Holmes (1874-1970)
Mosauer, Walter (1905-1937), the father of skiing in Southern California!
Muscatine, Leonard (1932 – 2007)
Nagy, Kenneth, Distinguished Teaching Award
Narins, Peter
Nobel, Park, served as chair
Norris, Kenneth S. (1924-1998)
Obst, Bryan S. (1956-1991); died while in active faculty service
Olson, Everett Claire (1910-1993), served as chair
Peabody, Frank Elmer (1914-1958), died while in active faculty service
Phinney, Bernard O. (1917-2009)
Plunkett, Orda Allen (1899-1975)
Schechtman, Abraham Mandel (1909-1962), for whom the department’s Schechtman Award is named; died while in active faculty service
Scherbaum, Otto (1925-1969), for whom the department’s Scherbaum Award is named; died while in active faculty service
Schroeder, Charles Arthur (1913-2001)
Scott, Flora Murray (1891-1984), UCLA Medalist; served as chair
Siegel, Richard W.
Sjostrand,Fritiof S. (1912-2011)
Sponsler, Olenus Lee (1879-1953)
Stoutemyer, Vernon Theodore (1905-1992)
Szego, Clara M.
Taylor, Charles
Thompson, Henry J., served as chair
Vance, Richard K.
Vaughn, Peter P.
Walker, Boyd W. (1917-2001)
Walters, Vladimir (1927-1987)
Wildman, Samuel Goodnow (1912-2004)
Zeiger, Eduardo
Zimmer, Richard
Zimmer, Cheryl Ann