What your donation can support

Donations to the department are vital to ensure a strong future for its graduate and undergraduate education programs. You may focus your gift on a specific area or program, or make a gift to be used in the area of greatest need.Please click on the "Donate Now" button to make a donation to one of these programs.

Graduate Support

World-class graduate students need support to devote their full efforts to their dissertation research. In addition, each year we honor an outstanding advanced graduate student with a Bartholomew Award to support field biology research.

George A. Bartholomew Endowment for Graduate Student Fellowship in Field Biology: Generously endowed by Ruth Bartholomew and George Bartholomew, our distinguished Professor Emeritus, the George Bartholomew Field Biology Fellowship provides a summer fellowship and research support for the top advanced graduate student in ecology, evolutionary biology, and/or conservation biology whose research has a significant field component.

Biology Endowment: Under the oversight of the Chair, this unrestricted fund helps our students get to the field so that they can explore the diversity of life. Your donation to this fund will make awards possible to graduate students whose research requires travel to sites throughout the world. These funds are also used to provide a Chair's Graduate Student Fellowship. Each year the top one or two applicants to the PhD graduate program are awarded the Chair's fellowship. This fellowship guarantees summer support in the first two years and fellowship support while they are working on their dissertation. The fellowship attracts the best and brightest to UCLA; many of our applicants have competitive offers from other top-ranked programs. It also provides exceptional students an outstanding support package to pursue their PhD at UCLA.

Undergraduate Support

undergrads in a boat Motivated undergraduates want to participate in the Field Biology and Marine Biology quarter, unique and transformational courses. We want to provide financial support so that any interested undergraduate has access to these important programs.

Currently the area of greatest need in undergraduate support is for fellowships for students who want to take field biology and marine biology courses. Outstanding undergraduates who want to participate in these courses, but require financial assistance, will benefit from these funds. Help make our life-changing capstone Field Biology Quarters and Marine Biology Quarters accessible to UCLA undergraduates by donating to support these programs.

Field Biology Quarter Fund: This fund allows the field biology quarter to be accessible to a broader range of students by subsidizing the student costs and reducing the overall cost of trips. To read more about the Field Biology Quarter see

Marine Biology Quarter Fund: This fund allows marine biology quarter to be accessible to a broader range of students by subsidizing the student costs and reducing the overall cost of trips. To read more about the Field Biology Quarter see

Joseph Epperson Memorial Scholarship: Due the generous donations of friends and family, the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology offers a scholarship to an outstanding student with financial need who wishes to participate in a field biology course. Joseph Epperson (Class of 2007) who recently passed away, majored in Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution and considered his field biology course one of the highlights of his undergraduate experience.

General Support

Chair's Discretionary Fund: Gifts to this fund will allow the department to allocate additional resources as needed to the fellowships and academic programs described above, helping both graduates and undergraduates to achieve their goals.

Donor Recognition

Your generosity is greatly appreciated by the faculty, staff, and students in the department as well as by the University. Donors at all levels should feel proud of supporting higher education and all donations help us with our mission. Cash donations or gifts of securities are tax deductible and will have an immediate impact. Pledges for future gifts are also welcomed. Named endowments or named faculty chairs are especially welcomed and can help secure our future.