Resources and Links

Reporting Bias/Discrimination/Harassment

Resources for reporting bias/discrimination are outlined at It is important to note that you can report issues that you have experienced personally, or things that others have experienced.

Report an Incident

Because the distinctions between these offices can be confusing, or problems experienced by an individual may span these offices, there is an email where you can reach out to: and they can provide guidance. The Life Sciences Division Equity Advisor, is also happy to provide guidance, if you have any questions, and can try to direct you to the appropriate resources. He can be reached at

Educational/Research Resources

Interdisciplinary Programs


  • The Santa Monica Pier Aquarium The aquarium offers school groups, families and visitors a unique view into the ocean world, and is home to dozens of species of animals and plants of the Santa Monica Bay.
  • Research @ UCLA Pushing the boundaries of “the known,” UCLA researchers – faculty and students, both graduate and undergraduate – venture every day into uncharted worlds, from the molecular to the galactic.
  • Natural Reserve System The University of California maintains a large natural reserve system.