Mira Abrecht

Advisor: David Jacobs
Office: 2162 Terasaki Life Science Building (TLSB)
Email: miabrecht@ucla.edu
Research: Environmental DNA, genomics of estuarine fish

Katie Adler

Advisor: Dan Blumstein
Email: katie.adlerr@gmail.com
Research: Behavior, conservation, human-wildlife interactions

Ary Amaya

Advisor: Elsa Ordway
Office: 4th Floor Botany
Email: arycamaya@gmail.com
Research: Indigenous ecological management and monitoring of urban ecosystem dynamics using remote sensing technologies

Wilmer Amaya-Mejia

Advisor: Pamela Yeh
Office: 2nd floor Botany
Email: wamayamejia@g.ucla.edu
Research: Urbanization of dark-eyed juncos and their diseases.

Ioana Anghel

Advisor: Felipe Zapata
Research: Evolution of species and floral scent in the flowering plant genus Linanthus

Berenice Badillo

Advisor: Victoria Sork
Office: 4140 Terasaki Life Science Building (TLSB)
Phone: 310-794-1431
Email: bbadillo@ucla.edu
Research: Local adaptation and phenotypic plasticity of trees in response to climate change, conservation biology

Taylor Bastian

Advisor: Dan Blumstein
Phone: (150)960-7760
Email: taylor.n.bastian@gmail.com
Research: Environmental impacts on social structure and fitness

Austin Betancourt

Advisor: Paul Barber
Office: 2140 Terasaki Life Science Building (TLSB)
Email: abaustin1223@ucla.edu
Research: Conservation henomics/marine ecology and evolution

Elizabeth Blackmore

Advisor: James Lloyd-Smith
Office: Terasaki Life Sciences Building 4000
Email: enblackmore@g.ucla.edu
Research: Historical ecology of infectious disease

Kobie Boslough

Advisor: Karen Sears
Office: 2162 Terasaki Life Science Building (TLSB)
Email: boslough@ucla.edu
Research: Mechanisms of aging and development, behavioral ecology, host-pathogen coevolution in bats

Madeline Cowen

Advisor: Priyanga Amarasekare & Pamela Yeh
Research: I study how bird populations respond to climate change using mathematical models.

Joseph Curti

Advisor: Robert Wayne and Bradley Shaffer
Office: 4153 Terasaki Life Science Building (TLSB)
Email: jcurti3@g.ucla.edu
Research: Application of whole-genome sequencing to California conservation management in California quail (Callipepla californica), California red-legged frogs (Rana draytonii), and Yuma myotis bats (Myotis yumanensis).

Morgan Dean

Advisor: Elsa Ordway
Research: Tropical forest structure

Carissa DeRanek

Advisor: Elsa Ordway
Research: Diversity-stability relationships across California ecosystems

Joseph Di Liberto

Advisor: Dr. Pamela Yeh
Office: 2nd Floor Botany
Email: jfdiliberto@ucla.edu
Research: Urban Ecology, Animal Behavior, Integrative Biology, Conservation, Ornithology

Eleanor (Ellie) Diamant

Advisor: Pamela Yeh
Office: 2nd Floor Botany
Email: eldiamant@ucla.edu
Research: How bird populations respond to strong anthropogenic change

Evan Doughty

Advisor: Jonathan Marcot and Blaire Van Valkenburgh
Office: 310 Botany
Phone: 310-825-4669
Email: emdoughty@g.ucla.edu
Research: Using functional traits (e.g., body mass) to discern relationships between the large mammalian herbivore and predator guilds and how those relationships change alongside the climatic and vegetative transitions of the North American Cenozoic (66 Ma-present)

Tanner Dulay

Advisor: Priyanga Amarasekare
Office: 660 Boyer
Email: tdulay@ucla.edu
Research: Emergence of community structure in ecological interactions, particularly mutualisms

S. Madigan Durham

Advisor: Molly Fox
Email: sarahmd1113@ucla.edu
Research: Understanding human health from an evolutionary perspective, in particular thinking about life history and the impact of epigenetics.

Janine Fischer

Advisor: Gregory Grether and Debra Shier
Office: 4329 Life Science Building (LSB)
Email: janinef@ucla.edu
Research: How interspecific competition affects species coexistence and the conservation of threatened and endangered species

John Amiel Flores

Advisor: Paul Barber
Email: jamflores@ucla.edu
Research: Investigating the potential of organism transport on problematic macroalgal mats using metabarcoding techniques

Ashlyn Ford

Advisor: Peggy Fong
Office: 4100 Life Science Building (LSB)
Email: ashlynford@g.ucla.edu
Research: Assessing the health of tropical reef communities and evaluating how infectious diseases are impacting these communities

Cynthia Frausto

Advisor: Peter Nonacs

Cynthia Frausto

Advisor: Peter Nonacs
Office: 3rd Floor Botany
Email: Cynthiaf17@ucla.edu
Research: Ecological consequences of invasive species, specifically in Eastern fox squirrels; personality variation; agonistic interactions

Sara Freimuth

Advisor: Pamela Yeh
Office: 2nd Floor La Kretz Botany Building
Email: freimuthse@g.ucla.edu
Research: urban ecology, evolution, gut microbiome, science communication

Kaija Gahm

Advisor: Noa Pinter-Wollman
Office: 3rd Floor Botany
Email: kgahm@ucla.edu
Research: Movement ecology and social behavior of vultures; open science, open code, and computational reproducibility

Alejandra Gamboa

Advisor: Noa Pinter-Wollman
Email: dgamboa24@g.ucla.edu
Research: Reciprocal relationships between host behavior and the microbiome

Lauren Glevanik

Advisor: Nathan Kraft
Office: 4th Floor Botany
Email: lglevanik@ucla.edu
Research: Traits that affect seed dispersal, community assembly, and patterns of biodiversity and coexistence in Californian grasslands

Jesse Gomez

Advisor: Dr. Lawren Sack
Office: 4th Floor Botany
Email: jegomez97@ucla.edu
Research: Plant physiology, Phloem transport, and the impacts of phloem on xylem function.

Katya Gonzalez

Advisor: Michael Alfaro
Office: Terasaki Life Science Building (TLSB)
Email: katyagon@ucla.edu
Research: Broadly interested in evolutionary biology, currently focused on human exceptionalism through comparative studies

Shalanda Grier

Advisor: Peggy Fong
Email: sgrier@g.ucla.edu
Research: Anthropogenic Stress, Resilience, Species Interactions, Coral Reefs

Katie Hannibal

Advisor: Peggy Fong
Phone: 818-942-4269
Email: khannibal@ucla.edu
Research: Anthropogenic effects on nearshore marine ecosystems, specifically how algal interactions influence community structure

Kenji Hayashi

Advisor: Nathan Kraft
Office: 410 Botany
Phone: 310-825-4967
Email: kthayashi@ucla.edu
Research: Consequences of competitive interactions in spatially heterogeneous environments for plant species distributions and coexistence

Madison Hopkins

Advisor: Greg Grether
Office: 4329 Life Science Building (LSB)
Email: mlhopkins@g.ucla.edu
Research: Interspecific interactions, theory and modeling, evolution of interspecific territoriality

Aidan Howenstine

Advisor: Karen Sears
Office: TSLB 2162
Email: aohowens@ucla.edu
Research: The role of gene network architecture in biasing the development of phenotypic variation

Christiane Jacquemetton

Advisor: Blaire Van Valkenburgh
Office: 2162 Terasaki Life Science Building (TLSB)
Email: cjacquem@ucla.edu
Research: Morphology and variation across Canidae

Mark Juhn

Advisor: Michael Alfaro and Blaire Van Valkenburgh
Office: 3rd Floor Botany
Email: markjuhn@ucla.edu
Research: Carnivora macroevolution and tanager color evolution

Elizabeth Karan

Advisor: Michael Alfaro
Office: 2154 Terasaki Life Science Building (TLSB)
Phone: 310-206-2240
Email: ekaran@g.ucla.edu
Research: Reef fish color pattern evolution , macroevolution, evolutionary ecology

Nurit Katz

Advisor: Dan Blumstein
Phone: 818-384-9493
Email: nkatz@fm.ucla.edu
Research: Urban ecology

Hannah Larson

Advisor: Colin Kremer
Email: hklarson@ucla.edu
Research: Eco-evolutionary effects of dormancy on phytoplankton fitness in fluctuating environments

Peter Laurin

Advisor: Nandita Garud
Office: 4114 Life Science Building (LSB)
Email: peterlaurin@ucla.edu
Research: Population genetics, adaptation, life history, bacteria, microbiomes

Shanti Lindberg

Advisor: Karen Sears
Office: 2162 TLSB
Email: lindbesh13@ucla.edu
Research: Investigating the evolution and development of the marsupium (i.e., the pouch) in New World marsupials. Utilization of museum collections on research.

Onny Nurrahman Marwayana

Advisor: Paul Barber
Office: Barber Lab
Phone: 310-889-4552
Email: onny.marwayana@ucla.edu
Research: Environmental DNA (eDNA), Marine Biology, Zoology, Marine Ecology, Molecular Ecology, Ecology, Aquatic Community.

Alin Mazmanian

Advisor: Barbara Natterson-Horowitz
Email: alinmazmanian@g.ucla.edu
Research: Evolutionary medicine, mental health, comparative physiology

Rosa McGuire

Advisor: Priyanga Amarasekare
Office: 660 Boyer
Research: Temperature effects on population dynamics and species interactions

Graham Montgomery

Advisor: Morgan Tingley
Email: graham.montgomery@ucla.edu
Research: Insect declines & their impacts on insectivorous bird populations, ecological monitoring, and evidence synthesis

Sean O'Fallon

Advisor: Noa Pinter-Wollman
Email: seanofallon@ucla.edu
Research: Ecological and evolutionary relationship between nest architecture and collective behavior, considering the spatial structure of the nest as an extended phenotype of the ant colony

Marissa Ochoa

Advisor: Lawren Sack and Victoria Sork
Research: California oak physiology and drought tolerance

Anna Jiselle Ongjoco

Advisor: Dr. Elsa Ordway
Office: 4th Floor Botany
Email: annajongjoco@g.ucla.edu
Research: Plant ecophysiology, global change

Rosamari Orduña

Advisor: Michael Alfaro
Email: rosamariorduna@g.ucla.edu
Research: Fish genomics, ecology and evolution

Xochitl Ortiz Ross

Advisor: Dan Blumstein
Office: 4802 Life Science Building (LSB)
Email: xortizross@ucla.edu
Research: Long-term fitness consequences of early-life adversity in yellow-bellied marmots

Eliseo Parra

Advisor: Dan Blumstein

Sara Sofia Pedraza Narváez

Advisor: Felipe Zapata
Office: 2nd floor Botany
Email: sarapedraza@g.ucla.edu
Research: Tropical biology, evolution and eco-physiology of plants, climate change.

Conner Philson

Advisor: Dan Blumstein
Email: cphilson@ucla.edu
Research: Evolution of social behavior

Kelsey Reckling

Advisor: Morgan Tingley
Email: kreckling@ucla.edu
Research: Ornithology, urban ecology, migration, conservation

Jordyn Regier

Advisor: Lawren Sack
Email: jordynregier@ucla.edu
Research: Plant ecophysiology

Amanda Reshke

Advisor: Dr. Peter Nonacs & Dr. Molly Fox
Office: 3rd Floor, Botany Building
Phone: 65031557509
Email: areshke19@ucla.edu
Research: Evolutionary medicine, reproductive health, the microbiome, mental health, behavior

Amanda Robin

Advisor: Peter Nonacs
Email: robina@ucla.edu
Research: Animal decision making, cognition, personality, place-based education research, undergraduate research program administration

Nick Russo

Advisor: Thomas Smith
Office: 300 La Kretz Hall (LKH)
Email: nickrusso@ucla.edu
Research: Movement ecology, remote sensing, tropical ecology, animal-vegetation feedbacks

Chris Sayers

Advisor: Morgan Tingley
Office: 310 Botany
Email: csayers2@ucla.edu
Research: Spatiotemporal impacts of gold mining on tropical bird communities

Mackenzie Scurka

Advisor: Dan Blumstein
Email: mscurka@ucla.edu
Research: animal behavior, heritability of behavioral traits, human-wildlife conflict

Celine Snedden

Advisor: James Lloyd-Smith
Office: 4000 Terasaki Life Science Building (TLSB)
Email: csnedden@ucla.edu
Research: Modeling within-host viral infection dynamics

Hayden Speck

Advisor: David Jacobs
Office: 2154 Terasaki Life Science Building (TLSB)
Email: hspeck@ucla.edu
Research: Evolution of early animals, evolution of development in cnidarians, EvoDevo of moon jellyfish (Aurelia coerulea) life cycle transitions

Hannah Stouter

Advisor: Elsa Ordway
Office: 4th Floor Botany
Email: hstouter@ucla.edu
Research: Effects of climate change and land use change on ecosystems and communities the Congo basin

Ben Tonelli

Advisor: Morgan Tingley
Office: 3rd Floor Botany
Email: btonelli@ucla.edu
Research: Migration and disease

Whitney Tsai Nakashima

Advisor: Michael Alfaro and Thomas Smith
Office: 2153 Terasaki Life Science Building (TLSB) / 300 La Kretz Hall (LKH)
Email: wtsainaka@ucla.edu
Research: Avian conservation genomics and evolution

Mary Van Dyke

Advisor: Nathan Kraft
Office: Botany
Email: mnvandyke@ucla.edu
Research: Plant communities, coexistence, climate change, species interactions

Nidhi Vinod

Advisor: Elsa Ordway and Lawren Sack
Office: 4th Floor Botany
Phone: 540-746-0542
Email: nidhivinod20@ucla.edu
Research: Linking leaf level physiology and functions to forest ecosystems level processes to understand how forests are functioning during climate change

Veronika Vucaj

Advisor: Dr. Peter Nonacs
Office: La Kretz Botany Building
Email: vvucaj@g.ucla.edu
Research: Life-history theory, developmental biology, evolutionary medicine

Richard Wolff

Advisor: Nandita Garud

Joanna Wu

Advisor: Morgan Tingley
Office: 3rd Floor Botany
Email: joannaxwu@ucla.edu
Research: Conservation, ornithology, ecology

Carolyn Xue

Advisor: Pamela Yeh
Research: antibiotic resistance, urban ecology, urban bird ecology

Heidi Yang

Advisor: Victoria Sork
Office: 4140 Terasaki Life Science Building (TLSB)
Email: hyangg@ucla.edu
Research: Ecological genomics/epigenomics

Stella Yuan

Advisor: Kirk Lohmueller and Bob Wayne
Email: scy8@ucla.edu
Research: Conservation genomics and epigenomics

Diego Zapata

Advisor: Victoria Sork
Office: 4140 Terasaki Life Science Building (TLSB)
Email: djzapata@g.ucla.edu
Research: Landscape genomics; impact of urbanization, climate change, and other disturbances on the fitness of California plant communities

Erick Zerecero Marin

Advisor: Paul Barber

Madeleine Zuercher

Advisor: Gregory Grether and Debra Shier
Office: 4329 Life Science Building (LSB)
Email: mezuercher@g.ucla.edu
Research: Behavioral ecology, conservation, mammalian evolution, field biology

Regina Zweng

Advisor: Peggy Fong
Office: 4111 Life Science Building (LSB)
Email: rzweng@ucla.edu
Research: Impacts of eutrophication on marine and estuarine ecosystems