Dear Alumni and Friends:

Welcome back to Biology at UCLA! The department draws a great deal of its strength from the quality and hard work of its students, both graduate and undergraduate, and from the achievements of its alumni. And each of you is more memorable than you may think. We enjoy knowing how your career is progressing, and being able to send you updates on your department. Please update your contact information to help us reach you with news. You’ll be sent a twice-yearly notice that the latest EEB Alumni Newsletter is posted on our website. And if you’d like to let us know what you are doing these days, email us at

For our friends in the community, your participation and support means a great deal to UCLA and our department. Thank you for your involvement!

Each year, we schedule events that you might want to attend. As they arise, we will email you an invitation.

Also, please remember to save a spot on your calendar in May for the Annual Biology Research Symposium – we’ll be sending you information. Keep an eye on your email!

Thank you for your interest.

Michael Alfaro
Department Chair,
Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology