2023-2024 Undergraduate RA Lab Availability

Please utilize the list below as a starting point in finding a potential research lab for the 2023-2024.

*please note that this list will not be updated when all positions have been filled so, this list should be used as a starting point but is not the end of all the available research opportunities within our department. Please continue to reach out to faculty by utilizing our faculty list for RA position availability.

Faculty Name/ Contact information How many R.A. will you be taking on? Will students be able to get credit? Are there any required technical skills? Are you looking for a specific class level (i.e Freshman/Sophmore/etc)
Pamela Yeh (pamelayeh@ucla.edu) 5-10 (all year) Yes No Open to all
Dan Blumstein (marmots@ucla.edu) at least 5 (only Fall Quarter) Yes (start off as SRP-99 then opportunity for 199) No, will train Open to all
Elsa Ordway (elsaordway@ucla.edu)

*please email CV & research interest

1-2 Yes R or Python knowledge preferred Open to all
Peter Nonacs (pnonacs@biology. ucla.edu) 1-3 Yes No, but will consist of watching and scoring videos of ants & squirrels. Open to all