Michael Alfaro EEB Department Chair
Pamela Yeh Vice Chair of Academic Personnel
Karen Sears Vice Chair of Undergraduate Studies
Morgan Tingley Vice Chair of Graduate Studies
Nathan Kraft Vice Chair of Community


By-Laws Coordinator

Responsible for updating the departmental by-laws and ensuring that they align with the most current Academic Senate regulations.

  • Peter Nonacs

Legislative Assembly Representatives


  • Noa Pinter-Wollman (2022-2025)
  • Colin Kremer (2020-2023)
  • Karen Sears (2021-2024)

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Responsible for maintaining and updating of the undergraduate curriculum.

  • Karen Sears (Chair)
  • Tonya Kane
  • Van Savage
  • Nandita Garud (UG Advisor)
  • Eileen Mansoorian (Staff)

Departmental Awards Committee

Responsible for overseeing the Departmental awards program; (e.g., Faculty Research Lecturer, Distinguished Teaching AwardDiversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award, Woman Scientist of the Year, etc.)

  • Kirk Lohmueller (Chair)
  • Nandita Garud
  • Whitney Nakashima (Graduate Student)
  • Sheena Sanchez (Staff)
  • Wendy Ramos (Staff)

Faculty Advisors to the Departmental Webpage

  • Michael Alfaro
  • Karen Sears
  • Morgan Tingley
  • Nathan Kraft
  • Pamela Yeh

Incoming Student Trip

Responsible for planning a trip for incoming graduate students traditionally held at the start of Fall quarter.

  • TBD
  • Brandon Chan (Graduate student)
  • Anna Ongjoco (Graduate student)

Botanical Garden


  • Victoria Sork, Director

Faculty-Graduate Student Liaison (FSL)

Graduate Student Liaison to the EEB Faculty.

  • Conner Philson (Graduate student)

Graduate Admissions and Support Committee

Responsible for coordinating the acceptance and admission of new grad students, and support offers.

  • Morgan Tingley (Chair)
  • Paul Barber
  • Elsa Ordway (Graduate Advisor)
  • Greg Grether
  • Tina Del Carpio (Graduate student)
  • Eileen Mansoorian (Staff)

MBQ/FBQ Committee

Responsible for overseeing the department’s MBQ and FBQ programs including planning upcoming locations/quarters.

  • Greg Grether (Chair)
  • Felipe Zapata
  • Peggy Fong
  • Jessica Angus (Staff)

Faculty Undergraduate Advisor

Faculty responsible for review of undergraduate student petitions and consultant to the Curriculum Committee.

  • Nandita Garud

Academic Personnel Committee

Responsible for coordinating the departmental review of academic personnel concerns.

  • Pamela Yeh (Chair)
  • Kirk Lohmueller
  • Lawren Sack
  • Thomas Smith (Fall)
  • Dan Blumstein (Winter/Spring)

Seminar & EcoEvoPub Committees


  • Colin Kremer (Chair-Fall)
  • Noa Pinter-Wollman (Chair-Winter and Spring)
  • Evan Doughty (Graduate student-Dept Seminars)
  • Marvin Browne (Graduate student-Dept Seminars)
  • Alejandra Gamboa (Graduate student-Dept Seminars)
  • Mira Abrecht (Graduate student-EcoEvoPub)
  • Hannah Larson (Graduate student-EcoEvoPub)
  • Janine Fischer(Graduate student-EcoEvoPub)

Graduate Curriculum Committee

  • Morgan Tingley (Chair)
  • Felipe Zapata
  • Rachel Kennison
  • Greg Grether
  • Eileen Mansoorian (Staff)
  • Berenice Badillo (Graduate Student)
  • Janice Fischer (Graduate student)

Biological Sciences Council (BSC)

Graduate student representative for EEB on the BSC.

  • Joey Curti (Graduate student)

Faculty Graduate Advisor

Responsible for supporting graduate student progress by serving as a liaison between graduate students, staff, faculty, and chair.

  • Elsa Ordway

Research Symposium Committee

Responsible for planning the Research Symposium in the spring quarter.

  • Karen Sears (Director)
  • Nandita Garud
  • Barbara Natterson-Horowitz
  • Ben Knowles
  • Tonya Kane
  • Jessica Angus (Staff lead)
  • Sheena Sanchez (Staff)

Dive Safety Board

Responsible for overseeing the UCLA Scientific Diving Program.

  • Paul Barber (Chair)
  • David Jacobs
  • Peggy Fong


Responsible for working with College Development to create and increase funding to department.

  • Michael Alfaro
  • Karen Sears
  • Morgan Tingley
  • Nathan Kraft
  • Pamela Yeh
  • Sheena Sanchez (Staff)

EvMed Program Committee

Responsible for managing the Evolutionary Medicine MS and undergraduate minor programs, as well as their curriculums. At the Graduate level, reviews EvMed admission files and forwards recommendations to the GAC.

  • Dan Blumstein (Chair)
  • Pamela Yeh
  • Barbara Natterson-Horowitz

Graduate Research Awards Committee

Responsible for nominating EEB graduate students for various campus and divisional fellowships including the UCLA Dissertation Year Fellowship. Most campus wide award nominations occur in April, though ad hoc award nominations may occur during the year.   Also responsible for nominating continuing students for annual departmental funding awards during the Spring quarter.

  • Lawren Sack (Chair)
  • Blaire Van Valkenburgh
  • TBD
  • Shalanda Grier (Graduate student)
  • Eileen Mansoorian (Staff)

Professional Development Committee

Responsible for coordinating professional development events for graduate students.

  • Maddie Zuercher (Graduate student)
  • Graham Montgomery (Graduate student)

Graduate DWQE Coordinator

Responsible for overseeing the Departmental Written Qualifying Examination for MS and PhD students.

  • TBD

Hacky Hours Committee

Responsible for coordinating Hacky Hours for graduate students.

  • Kaija Gahm (Graduate student)
  • Kenji Hayashi (Graduate student)

Committee for Anti-Racism and Equity (CARE)

The Committee for Anti-Racism and Equity (CARE) is charged with providing oversight and recommendations on departmental practices to advance non-discrimination, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging within EEB, viewed through the lens of anti-racism.

  • Nathan Kraft (Chair)
  • Peggy Fong
  • Jamie Lloyd-Smith
  • Felipe Zapata
  • Natalie Lozano-Huntelman (Postdoc)
  • Mark Juhn (Graduate student)
  • Open Position (Graduate student)
  • Wendy Ramos (Staff)

Revised April 5, 2023