EEB Course Petitions Procedure (Effective Fall Quarter 2021)


Submit via Message Center – Subject:  Course Petition 

Click here to download the petition form.

Petition Protocol:

Students may petition courses to apply either to one of the majors, or to one of the minors.  Course petitions will be reviewed twice during regular terms (Fall, Winter, Spring) and twice during Summer Sessions.  The deadlines are as follows: 

 Regular Terms:  Fall, Winter, Spring Quarter 

  • Friday of Week 2 by 3:00PM (PST) 
  • Friday of Week 8 by 3:00PM (PST) 

Summer:  Summer Sessions  

  • Session A – Friday of Week 2 by 3:00PM (PST) 
  • Session C – Friday of Week 2 by 3:00PM (PST) 

All course petition requests must include the following: 

  • Course – Department & Course Number 
  • Where course was completed, e.g., UCLA, Santa Monica College, etc. 
  • When course was completed, e.g., Spring 2014 
  • Course Syllabus – should be from when you took the course; PDF file preferred 
  • Course Description – may be taken from institution’s catalog 

Please be aware that the review may take a minimum of 10 business days.  Students who miss the published deadlines will need to wait until the next review period begins.  Students may begin to submit petitions no earlier than two (2) weeks prior to the deadline. 

Petitions for Lower Division Prep Courses

Students in all majors may request to have courses taken at other institutions to fulfill requirements in the Life Science Core Curriculum (lower division major requirements) evaluated for equivalency. Departments will require that students submit the course description and the course syllabus for evaluation. Contact information is as follows:


2305 Life Sciences Bldg. (310) 825-6614, (
Enrollment E-mail:
E-mail for Course Equivalency Review:

CHEMISTRY AND BIOCHEMISTRY (All Chemistry classes, e.g., Chem 14-series, etc.)

4006 Young Hall, (310) 825-1859 or (310)825-4660, (
Student Affairs Officer: Denise Mantonya (, Timothy Mahlanza ( , & Sarah Eguchi (

MATHEMATICS (All Math classes, e.g., Math 3-series, etc.)

6356 Math Sciences Building, (310) 206-1286, (
Student Affairs Officer: Connie Jung ( & Vaneh Hartoonian (

PHYSICS (All Physics classes, e.g, Physics 6-series)

1-707D Physics and Astronomy Building, (310) 206-1447 or (310)825-2453, (
Student Affairs Officer: Jazmine Vega (

STATISTICS (All Statistics classes, e.g., Stats 13)

8117A Math Sciences Building, (310) 206-3742, (
Student Affairs Officer: Laurie Laden (