Academic & Student Services Staff Responsibilities List for Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Eileen (EEB & CaSB): Director of Academic Programs & Student Services

  1. Manage all operations and administration of academic programs and student services for undergraduate and graduate programs for CaSB and EEB, including, but not limited to, academic advising and counseling concerns for students, undergraduate and graduate policies, teaching needs and concerns for all faculty and instructors, and direction of a $4 million graduate programs budget.
  2. Supervise a team of undergraduate and graduate Student Services Advisors for CaSB and EEB.
  3. Manage the annual instructional teaching plan for EEB (academic year and Summer Session) and CaSB (academic year), as well as the proposed budget for Ladder, Lecturer, and Adjunct faculty hires.
  4. Work closely with the Chair and Vice Chairs for EEB and CaSB on large-scale curricular changes to undergraduate and graduate curricula.
  1. Manage EEB course enrollment for the academic year and Summer Sessions.
  1. Serve as the advisor to all faculty leadership of EEB and CaSB on issues related to undergraduate and graduate academic programs and student services.
  2. Identify and implement key best practices for the daily functioning of the CaSB Undergraduate Advising Office, EEB Undergraduate Advising Office, and EEB Graduate Student Services Office.


Annelise (EEB): Graduate Programs Advisor

  1. Manage all day-to-day operations of the EEB Graduate Program
  2. Advise graduate students on degree requirements, qualifying exams, thesis/dissertation filing, and academic policies, and assist students with personal/professional concerns
  3. Manage all graduate student support/funding (fellowships, stipends, TA and GSR appointments, tuition remissions)
  4. Coordinate yearly graduate student funding awards process
  5. Coordinate graduate admissions process, recruitment, onboarding of admitted students, and orientation
  6. Assist with the creation of new graduate courses with respect to the PhD and MS curricula
  7. Identify and implement (with faculty leadership) new policies/procedures and curriculum changes related to the graduate program.


Stephanie (EEB): Graduate Programs Coordinator

  1. Coordinate the ASE and GSR assignment process for the academic year and summer sessions.
  2. Assist with the confirmation of all students who need ASE or GSR positions conflicting sources of funding.
  3. Support the admission process for all degree programs within the Graduate Student Services Office.
  4. Provide direction in the scheduling of graduate courses (i.e., seminars).
  5. Orchestrate the implementation of policies and procedures for the Graduate Student Services Office and affiliated program.
  6. Collaborate with faculty leadership in order to support graduate students in their roles as students and professionals in their department.
  7. Manage the DWQE process for PhD and MS students.


Jessica (EEB): Undergraduate Advisor

  1. Advise undergraduate students on EEB major and minor program requirements.
  2. Coordination and enrollment of Upper Division (UD) EEB tutorial courses, i.e., EEB 195-199.
  3. Support Undergraduate Faculty Advisor with coordination and evaluation of course substitution/waiver petitions for departmental majors and minors.
  4. Support Vice Chair of Undergraduate Studies regarding exceptions to major and minor requirements.
  1. Support and coordinate the application and interview processes for the Field Biology Quarter (FBQ), Field/Marine Biology Quarter (FMBQ), And Marine Biology Quarter (MBQ) alongside being the administrative point of contact for student participants.
  1. Lead coordinator for annual EEB Research Symposium and EEB Commencement.
  2. Manage the undergraduate course CIMS forms and curricular issues (as needed) with the Director.


Wendy (EEB): Undergraduate Advisor

  1. Advise and counsel undergraduate students on the degree requirements, academic policies, and procedures while processing major/minor change requests and assisting in the enrollment of EEB courses and contract courses.
  2. Serve as the administrative advisor for the EEB Undergraduate Association and assist in the election of EEB UGA leadership.
  3. Support and coordinate the application and interview processes for the Field Biology Quarter (FBQ), Field/Marine Biology Quarter (FMBQ), And Marine Biology Quarter (MBQ) alongside being the administrative point of contact for student participants.
  4. Work with the student services team to plan departmental research symposium, commencement, and other annual events.
  5. Hire, train, and supervise the work of student/work-study workers allocated to the student services team
  6. Maintain informative and aesthetically updated websites on the departmental undergraduate programs site.