Research Quarters

The Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department offers a unique research opportunity to students looking to take their classroom studies directly into the field. These quarters have been an essential part of our student’s education since the 1970’s. There are three types of programs available for students: 

Field Biology Quarter (FBQ)

Marine Biology Quarter (MBQ)

Field/Marine Biology Quarter (FMBQ)

  • The research quarters take place in locations all over the world, as well as some quarters being featured at UC Reserve locations in California.
  • Students are not allowed to concurrently enroll in any other courses the quarter they undertake a Research Quarter.  
  • Entrance into field quarter courses is by application/interview typically an academic year in advance of the course. We usually have an application pool of approximately 40 students for each research quarter. Typically, only 15 students get accepted for each research quarter for more personalized attention. 

Each one of our programs can fulfill requirements for all three of our majors and Conservation Biology minor:  

Biology Major (Fall 2020 – Forward):

FBQ/MBQ instructors determine which Core Principles their courses will help complete Upper Division

requirements for the major (up to 4 requirements total). Please schedule an advising appointment or send us a message for more information.

Biology Major (prior to Fall 2020 Curriculum): 

The FBQ, MBQ, or FMBQ satisfies –  One (1) laboratory course, Two (2) EEB Upper Division Electives, One (1) Life Science Upper Division Elective (total 16 units) 

Ecology, Behavior, Evolution Major: 

The FBQ, MBQ, or FMBQ satisfies – Field Quarter requirement (total 16 units) 

Marine Biology Major:  

The MBQ or FMBQ satisfies – Field Quarter requirement (total 16 units) 

Conservation Biology Minor: 

The FBQ, MBQ, FMBQ satisfies – Upper Division Elective Courses (total 16 units) 


In an effort to be mindful of cost towards participation, the department has scholarships available for student participants to apply for to help reduce the total cost of the research quarter. The EEB Undergraduate Counselor that leads each research quarter will distribute the scholarship information to all student participants for each program once a complete roster is confirmed. The Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology subsidizes the course as much as possible so that students pay only a fraction of the costs. 

Approved Alternative Research Quarter