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February 7, 2024

12:00pm, PST 1100 TLSB and Zoom

Devon DeRaad
The University of Kansas

" Scrub-Jays: an emerging model system for studying evolution and understanding conservation priorities in California. "

Jointly sponsored by EEB and the La Kretz Center for California Conservation Science


Description: La Kretz Center Postdoctoral Fellow Candidate Devon DeRaad plans to use genomic approaches to characterize the genetic diversity and relatedness of scrub-jays throughout the state of California. This includes a conservation genomics assessment for the Island Scrub-Jay, the most range restricted U.S. endemic bird species, a state-wide landscape genomics approach for the California Scrub-Jay, and the first genomic sequencing of the California Scrub-Jay California endemic subspecies Aphelocoma californica cana. These projects will guide conservation priorities for scrub-jays and reveal broadly relevant evolutionary mechanisms and landscape features that have shaped biodiversity and conservation needs for taxa throughout the state of California.

Project Mentors: Dr. Stepfanie Aguillon (Ph.D.; EEB) & Dr. Katy Delaney (Ph.D.; NPS)

Host: LaKretz Center for California Conservation Science