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May 22, 2024

12:00pm, PST 1100 TLSB and Zoom

John McCormack
Moore Laboratory of Zoology & Biology Department, Occidental College

" Integrating genomics, phenomics & large-scale environmental data activates the inclusive approach to museum collections "

Dr. McCormack outlines a vision for museum collections where each specimen is the nexus point for large-scale phenomic, genomic, and environmental data to help solve evolutionary questions and understand the biodiversity crisis. New methods–like 3D modeling and museum genomics–are not only unlocking massive new data sets associated with museum collections and helping integrate them, but they are also providing the springboard to an expansive and inclusive view of museum collections where the technologies and skills lead to career tracks inside and outside academia, thereby helping to diversify museums. Dr. McCormack provides recent examples from the Mexican Bird Resurvey Project and the Free-flying Los Angeles Parrot Project and outlines his vision for activating the integrative and inclusive approach in the Dickey Collection.

EEB Seminar-J McCormack

Meeting ID: 938 9975 8662

Host: Blaire Van Valkenburgh