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February 21, 2023

12:00 pm 1100 TLSB

Stepfanie Aguillon
Stanford University

" Integrating Genomics and Behavioral Ecology to Understand Speciation "

*Please note the date of this seminar.

Stepfanie Aguillon is a broadly-trained evolutionary biologist interested in understanding the process of speciation in nature. Her research integrates genomic sequencing with behavioral ecology and organismal biology to unravel the mechanisms involved in the evolution of reproductive isolation. In particular, she leverages natural hybridization—interbreeding between distinct taxa—in birds and fish to study mating decisions in action. Stepfanie will discuss her work in northern flickers focused on the evolution of color differences and her work in swordtail fish focused on the genomic consequences of female mate choice decisions. Her future research program will continue to use diverse approaches to explore the speciation process in non-model organisms. Stepfanie received her BS and MS from the University of Arizona, her PhD from Cornell University, and is currently an independent Stanford Science Fellow. 

Host: Kirk Lohmueller