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February 3, 2021

1:00pm Zoom Webinar

Ana Carolina Carnaval
The City College of New York

" Historical biogeography and biodiversity in the Atlantic Rainforest "

I have dedicated most of my research hours to the study of biodiversity patterns in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil. Along with a phenomenal group of students and collaborators, we have ventured into different areas of integrative biology: biodiversity mapping, macroecology, historical demography, physiology, and predictive modeling. In this talk I share some of these studies and findings, and introduce you to the work of some of the young scientists I have had the pleasure to work with, several of them Latin@s. You shall hear about frogs, lizards, butterflies, birds, bromeliads, and other beasts, and, if you ask, I might as well tell you what did not work, and how we’ve gone back to the drawing board every now and then. ​​

Wednesday, February 3, 2021


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Host: Eva Horna Lowell