Robert                         Wayne

Robert Wayne


phone:  (310) 206-0334
office:  LS 4318

Recent Courses

E&S SCI M216 | EE BIOL M200A - Evolutionary Biology
EE BIOL 116 - Conservation Biology
EE BIOL 194B - Research Group or Internship Seminars: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Research Interests

Research Interests:

Application of molecular genetic techniques to questions in systematics, population genetics, and sociobiology

Selected Publications

Oster, M., Pollinger, J.P., Stahler, D.R. and R.K. Wayne., "Optimization of RNA isolation and leukocyte viability in canid RNA expression studies", Conservation Genetics Resources, - (2011) .

Milá, B., Toews, D.P.L. Smith, T.B. and R.K. Wayne, "A cryptic contact zone between divergent mitochondrial DNA lineages in southwestern North America supports past introgressive hybridization in the yellow-rumped warbler complex (Aves: Dendroica coronata)", Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 103 : 696-706 (2011) .

Smith, T.B., Thomassen, H.A. Freedman, A.H., Sehgal, R.N.M., Buermann, W., Saatchi, S., Pollinger, J., Mil¨¢, B., Pires, D., Valki¨±nas, G. and R.K. Wayne, "Patterns of divergence in the olive sunbird Cyanomitra olivacea (Aves: Nectariniidae) across the African rainforest¨Csavanna ecotone", Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 103 : 821-835 (2011) .

Duke Becker, S.E., Thomas, R., Trifonov, V.A., Wayne, R.K., Graphodatsky, A.S., and Breen, M., "Anchoring the dog to its relatives reveals new evolutionary breakpoints across 11 species of the Canidae and provides new clues for the role of B chromosomes", Chromosome Res, 19 : 685-708 (2011) .

Geffen, E., Kam, M., Hefner, R., Hersteinsson, P., Angerbjörn, A., Dalèn, L., Fuglei, E., Norèn, K., Adams, J.R., Vucetich, J., Meier, T.J., Mech, L.D., Vonholdt, B.M., Stahler, D.R., and Wayne, R.K., "Kin encounter rate and inbreeding avoidance in canids", Molecular Ecology, 19 : - (2011) .

Oliveras de Ita, A., Oyama, K., Smith, T.B., Wayne R.K. and B. Milá., "Genetic evidence for recent range fragmentation and severely restricted dispersal in the critically endangered Sierra Madre Sparrow, Xenospiza baileyi", Conserv Genet, 19 : - (2011) .

Lorenzen, E.D., Nogués-Bravo, D., Orlando, L., Weinstock, J., Binladen, J., Marske, K.A., Ugan, A., Borregaard, M.K., Gilbert, M.T., Nielsen, R., Ho, S.Y., Goebel, T., Graf, K.E., Byers, D., Stenderup, J.T., Rasmussen, M., Campos, P.F., Leonard, J.A., Koepfli, K.P., Froese, D., Zazula, G., Stafford, T.W., Aaris-Sørensen, K., Batra, P., Haywood, A.M., Singarayer, J.S., Valdes, P.J., Boeskorov, G., Burns, J.A., Davydov, S.P., Haile, J., Jenkins, D.L., Kosintsev, P., Kuznetsova, T., Lai, X., Martin, "Species-specific responses of Late Quaternary megafauna to climate and humans", Nature, 479 : 359-364 (2011) .

Thomassen, H.A., Fuller, T. Buermann, W., Mila, B., Kieswetter, C.M., Jarrı́n-V., P., Cameron, S.E., Mason, E., Schweizer, R. Schlunegger, J. Chan, J., Wang, O., Peralvo, M., Schneider, C.J., Graham,C.H., Pollinger, J.P., Saatchi, S., Wayne, R.K. and T.B. Smith, "Mapping evolutionary process: a multi-taxa approach to conservation prioritization", Evolutionary Applications, 4 (2): 397-413 (2011) .

Wayne, R.K., "Recent Advances in the Population Genetics of Wolf-like Canids", The World of Wolves: new perspectives on ecology, behaviour and management, Marco Musiani, Luigi Boitani, and Paul C. Paquet(Eds.), University of Calgary Press 4 (2): 15-50 (2010) .

Van Valkenburgh and Wayne, R.K., "Carnivores", Current Biology, Marco Musiani, Luigi Boitani, and Paul C. Paquet(Eds.), 20 (21): R915-R919 (2010) .

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