Nathan Kraft

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Research Areas

Ecology, Physiological Ecology, Plant Biology, Tropical Biology

Research Interests

We study the ecological and evolutionary forces that structure communities, particularly plant systems. Projects in the lab integrate aspects of community ecology, biogeography, ecophysiology, and phylogenetics. Recent projects have centered on the forests of lowland Amazonia and annual plant communities in California. In addition to a focus on species coexistence, research in the lab also addresses plant responses to climate change, the distribution of diversity at broad spatial scales, and the assembly of regional biotas.

Selected Publications

Mary Van Dyke, Jonathan Levine, Nathan Kraft, 2022. Small rainfall changes drive substantial changes in plant coexistence. Nature, 611:507-511.

Andrew Kleinhesselink, Nathan Kraft, Stephen Pacala, Jonathan Levine, 2022. Detecting and interpreting higher order interactions in ecological communities. Ecology Letters, 25:1604 –1617.

Gaurav Kandlikar, Andrew Kleinhesselink, Nathan Kraft, 2022. Functional traits predict species responses to environmental variation in a California grassland annual plant community. Journal of Ecology, 110:833-844.

Gaurav Kandlikar, Xinyi Yan, Jonathan Levine, Nathan Kraft, 2021. Soil microbes generate stronger fitness differences than stabilization among California annual plants. American Naturalist, 197:E30-E39.

Ian McFadden, Brody Sandel, Constantinos Tsirogiannis, Naia Morueta-Holme, Jens-Christian Svenning, Brian Enquist, Nathan Kraft, 2019. Temperature shapes opposing latitudinal gradients of plant taxonomic and phylogenetic β diversity. Ecology Letters 22:1126-1135.

Ian McFadden, Megan Bartlett, Thorsten Weigand, Benjamin Turner, Lawren Sack, Renato Valencia, Nathan Kraft, 2019. Disentangling the functional trait correlates of spatial aggregation in tropical forest trees. Ecology, 100:e02591.

Claire Fortunel, Jesse Lasky, Maria Uriarte, Renato Valencia, Joseph Wright, Nancy Garwood, Nathan Kraft, "Topography and neighborhood crowding can interact to shape species growth and distribution in a diverse Amazonian forest", Ecology, 99 : 2272-2283 (2018) .

William Petry, Gaurav Kandlikar, Nathan Kraft, Oscar Godoy, and Jonathan Levine, "A competition-defence trade-off both promotes and weakens coexistence in an annual plant community", Journal of Ecology, 106 : 1806-1818 (2018) .

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