Jon Keeley

Adjunct Professor
(559) 565-3170

Research Areas

Research Interests

My research focuses on the ecological impacts and history of wildfires in Mediterranean-climate ecosystems. In particular I am currently focusing most of my efforts at how fire regime shifts affect invasion of natural ecosystems by non-native plants. Other research concerns seed germination biology in fire prone ecosystems, vernal pools and the ecological role of photosynthetic pathways in CAM and C4 plants.

Selected Publications

Syphard, A.D. and J.E. Keeley, "Location, timing and extent of wildfire vary by cause of ignition", International Journal of Wildland Fire, 24 : 37-47 (2015) .

Keeley, J.E. and A.D. Syphard, "Different fire-climate relationships on forested and non-forested
landscapes in the Sierra Nevada ecoregion", International Journal of Wildland Fire, 24 : 27-36 (2015) .

Penman, T.D., L. Collins, A.D. Syphard, J.E. Keeley, and R.A. Bradstock, " Influence of fuels, weather
and the built environment on the exposure of property to wildfire", PLOS ONE, 9 (10): - (2014) .

Syphard, A.D., T.J. Brennan, and J.E. Keeley., "The role of defensible space for residential structure
protection during wildfires", International Journal of Wildland Fire, 23 : 1165-1175 (2014) .

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Baltar, M., J.E. Keeley, and F.P. Schoenberg, "County-level analysis of the impact of temperature and
population increases on California wildfire data", Environmetrics, 17 : - (2014) .

Keeley, J.E., "Aquatic CAM photosynthesis: a brief history of its discovery", Aquatic Botany, 118 : 38-44 (2014) .

Pausas, J.G. and J.E. Keeley, "Evolutionary ecology of resprouting and seeding in fire-prone ecosystems", New Phytologist, 204 : 55-65 (2014) .

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