Felipe Zapata

Assistant Professor

email: fzapata@ucla.edu
phone: 310-206-4583
office: 210M Botany

Recent Courses

EE BIOL 200a Organismal Biology
EE BIOL 103 Plant Diversity and Evolution

Research Interests

Evolutionary biology of flowering plants. My research groups asks questions about the evolutionary processes that generate biodiversity at multiple phylogenetic, spatial, temporal, and phenotypic scales. To learn more about our research, please visit Zapata Lab.

Selected Publications

Munro C, Zapata F, Siebert S, Howison M, Haddock SHD, Dunn CW., "Evolution of gene expression across species and specialized zooids in Siphonophora", Molecular Biology and Evolution, 39(2):msac027 (2022) url: link.

Landis MJ, Quintero I, Munoz MM, Zapata F, Donoghue MJ., "Phylogenetic inference of where species spread or split across barriers", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA, 119(13):e211694811 (2022) url: link
Contributions: study design, research execution, results interpretation, and writing.
Grundler MC, Rabosky DL, Zapata F, "Fast likelihood calculations for automatic identification of among- lineage macroevolutionary rate heterogeneity in continuous and discrete traits", Systematic Biology, (2022) url: link.

Henkhaus NA, Busch W, Chen A, Colon-Carmona A, Cothran M, Diaz N, Dundore-Arias JP, Gonzales M, Hadziabdic D, Hayes RA, MacIntosh GC, Na A, Nyamasoka-Magonziwa B, Pater D, Peritore-Galve FC, Phelps-Durr T, Rouhier K, Sickler DB, Starnes JH, Tyler QR, Valdez-Ward E, Vega-Sanchez ME, Walcott RR, Ward JK, Wyatt SE, Zapata F, Zemenick AT, Stern DB., "Removing systemic barriers to equity, diversity, and inclusion: Report of the 2019 Plant Science Research Network workshop "Inclusivity in the Plant Sciences"", Plant Direct, 6(8):e432 (2022) url: link.