Patty Gowaty

Professor Emeritus

Recent Courses

EE BIOL 175 - Evolutionary Dynamics of Sexual Conflict
EE BIOL 188 | EE BIOL 297 - Special Courses in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
EE BIOL 188 | EE BIOL 297 - Selected Topics in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Research Areas

Research Interests

Evolutionary ecology, evolution of behavior, sexual behavior, mating systems, sexual conflict, parental behavior, maternal effects, developmental plasticity, sex allocation, genetic parentage, ornithology

Selected Publications

Ramos, A. G., S. O. Nunziata, S. L. Lance, C. Rodriguez, B. C. Faircloth, P. A. Gowaty and H. Drummond, "Habitat structure and colony structure constrain extrapair paternity in a colonial bird", Animal Behaviour, 95 : 121-127 (2014) .

Ramos, A. G., S. O. Nunziata, S. L. Lance , C. Rodriguez, B. C. Faircloth, P. A. Gowaty and H. Drummond, "Interactive effects of male and female age on extra-pair paternity in a socially monogamous seabird", Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 68 (10): 1603-1609 (2014) .

Marquet, P. A., A. P. Allen, J. H. Brown, J. Dunne, B. J. Enquist, J. Gillooly, P. A. Gowaty, J. L. Green, D. Storch, J. Harte, S. P. Hubbel, J. O'Dwyer, Jordan Oki, A. Ostling, M. Ritchie and G. West, "On Theory in Ecology", Bioscience, 64 : 701-710 (2014) .

Gowaty, P. A., "Evolutionary biology and feminism", Le Sexe Biologique: Anthologie historique et critique: 2. Le Lexe: Pourquoi et comment? Origine, evolution, determination, T. Hoquet(Eds.), 64 : 229-236 (2014) .

Faircloth, B. C., Gowaty, P. A., Drummond, H., Winker, K., & Glenn, T. C., "Ultraconserved elements are abundant, universal markers for population genetic and behavioral studies", INTEGRATIVE AND COMPARATIVE BIOLOGY, T. Hoquet(Eds.), 53 : E66- (2013) .

Gowaty, P. A., "Adaptively flexible polyandry", Animal Behaviour, T. Hoquet(Eds.), 86 : 877-884 (2013) .

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Ah-King, M., & Gowaty, P. A., "A reaction norm perspective on sex and mate choice", Integrative and Comparative Biology, T. Hoquet(Eds.), 53 : E2- (2013) .

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Gowaty, P. A., "A Sex-Neutral Theoretical Framework for Making Strong Inferences About the Origins of Sex Roles", Evolution's Empress: Darwinian Perspectives on the Nature of Women, Edited by Maryanne L. Fisher, Justin R. Garcia, Rosemarie Sokol Chang(Eds.), New York Oxford University Press 53 : 85-114 (2013) .