Peggy                          Fong

Peggy Fong


office:  BOT 413
lab:  BOT 427

Recent Courses

EE BIOL 148 - Biology of Marine Plants
EE BIOL 194B - Research Group or Internship Seminars: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
EE BIOL 495 - Preparation for Teaching Biology in Higher Education

Research Interests

Selected Publications

Kathryn N. Keeley**, Jolie D. Stroh**, Diem Samantha C. Tran**, Caitlin R. Fong, and Peggy Fong, "Location, location, location: small shifts in collection site result in large intraspecific differences in macroalgal palatability", Coral Reefs, 607-610 (2015) .

Green*, L. and P. Fong, "A small-scale test of the species-energy hypothesis in a southern California estuary", JEMBE, 35-43 (2015) .

Kappus, S.* and P. Fong, "Sex ratio does not influence sex change despite its effect on reproductive success", Behavioral Ecology, 827-833 (2014) .

Fong, C.R. and P. Fong, "Why species matter: an experimental assessment of the underlying assumptions and predictive ability of two functional-group community models", Ecology, 2055-2061 (2014) .

Muthukrisnan, R* and P. Fong, "Multiple anthropogenic stressors exert complex, interactive effects on a coral reef community", Coral Reefs, 911-921 (2014) .

Clausing, R*, Annunziata**, C., Baker**, G., Lee**, C. and Fong, P, "Effects of sediment depth on algal turf height are mediated by interactions with fish herbivory on a fringing reef", MEPS, 121-129 (2014) .

Juhasz**, A., E. Ho**, E. Bender, and P. Fong, "Does use of tropical beaches by tourists and island residents result in damage to fringing coral reefs? A case study in Moorea French Polynesia", Marine Pollution Bulletin, 60 : 2251-2256 (2010) .

Smith, T.B., P. Fong, R. Kennison*, and J. Smith*, "Spatial refuges and associational defenses promote harmful blooms of the alga Caulerpa sertularioides onto coral reefs", Oikos, 164 : 1039-1048 (2010) .

P. Fong and R. L. Kennison*, "Phase Shifts, Alternative Stable States, and the Status of Southern California Lagoons", In: Coastal Lagoons: Critical Habitats of Environmental Change, Michael J. Kennish and Hans W. Pearl(Eds.), New York CrC Press 164 : 227-251 (2010) .

Lirman, D.* and Fong, P., "Is proximity to land-based sources of coral stressors an appropriate measure of risk to coral reefs? An example from the Florida Reef Tract", Marine Pollution Bulletin, Michael J. Kennish and Hans W. Pearl(Eds.), 54 : 779-791 (2007) .