Pamela Yeh

Assistant Professor

phone:  5-7441
office:  Life Sciences 4227

Recent Courses


BA, Biology, Harvard-Radclife Colleges 1996
PhD, Biology, UCSD 2004

Research Interests

Selected Publications

P. Yeh, D. Simon, J. Millar, F. Alexander, and D. Franklin, "A diversity of antibiotic-resistant Staphylococcus spp. in a public transportation system", Public Health and Research Perspectives, 2 : 202-209 (2011) .

K. Bush, et al., "Tackling Antibiotic Resistance", Nature Reviews Microbiology, 9 : 894-896 (2011) .

P. Yeh, M. Hegreness, A. Aiden, and R. Kishony, "Drug interactions and the evolution of antibiotic resistance", Nature Reviews Microbiology, 7 : 460-466 (2009) .

J.-B. Michel*, P. Yeh*, R. Chait, R. Moellering, and R. Kishony (* authors contributed equally), "Drug interactions modulate the potential for evolution of resistance", Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, 105 : 14918-14923 (2008) .

T. Price, P. Yeh, and B. Harr, "Phenotypic plasticity and the evolution of a socially selected trait following colonization of a novel environment", American Naturalist, 172 : S49-S62 (2008) .

M. Newman, P. Yeh, and T. Price, "Song variation in a recently founded population of the Dark-eyed Junco, Junco hyemalis", Ethology, 114 : 164-173 (2008) .

P. Yeh and R. Kishony, "Networks from drug-drug surfaces", Molecular Systems Biology, 3 (85): 1-3 (2007) .

P. Yeh, M. Hauber, and T. Price, "Alternative nesting behaviours following colonisation of a novel environment by a passerine bird", Oikos, 116 : 1473-1480 (2007) .

H. Slabbekoorn, P. Yeh, and K. Hunt, "Sound transmission and song divergence: a comparison of urban and forest acoustics", Condor, 109 : 67-68 (2007) .

P. Yeh, A. Tschumi, and R. Kishony, "Functional classification of drugs by properties of their pair-wise interactions", Nature Genetics, 38 : 489-494 (2006) .