James                          Lloyd-Smith

James Lloyd-Smith

Associate Professor

email:   jlloydsmith@ucla.edu
phone:  310-206-8207
office:  Terasaki Life Sciences Building 4135
lab:  Terasaki Life Sciences Building 4000

Recent Courses

EE BIOL 596 - Directed Individual (or Tutorial) Studies
LIFESCI 1 - Evolution, Ecology, and Biodiversity
LIFESCI 1 - Evolution, Ecology, and Biodiversity


B.Sc.(Hon), Physics And Chemistry, Queen's University 1996
M.Sc., Physics, University of British Columbia 1999
PhD, Biophysics, University of California, Berkeley 2005

Research Interests

I study the ecological and evolutionary dynamics of infectious disease in animal and human populations, and at the animal-human interface where novel human pathogens such as SARS or pandemic influenza can emerge. By combining theoretical models with data, I aim to deepen our understanding of fundamental principles of disease transmission and adaptation, and apply those principles to interpret observed patterns, uncover driving mechanisms, and design effective control policies. I work on a diverse range of disease-host systems, including leptospirosis in California sea lions, monkeypox in humans and wildlife in central Africa, and SARS and other emerging diseases in human populations.

Selected Publications

Ke, R., Loverdo, C., Qi, H., Olson, C.A., Wu, N.C., Sun, R., Lloyd-Smith, J.O., "Modelling clinical data shows active tissue concentration of daclatasvir is 10-fold lower than its plasma concentration", J. Antimicrob Chemother, - (2013) [link].

Strelioff, C.C., Vijaykrishna, D., Riley, S., Guan, Y., Peiris, J.S.M., Lloyd-Smith, J.O., "Inferring patterns of influenza transmission in swine from multiple streams of surveillance data", Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, B, 280 : 20130872- (2013) .

Park, M.H., Loverdo, C., Schreiber, S.J., Lloyd-Smith, J.O., "Multiple scales of selection influence the evolutionary emergence of novel pathogens", Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, B, 368 : 20120333- (2013) .

Blumberg, S., Lloyd-Smith, J.O., "Inference of R0 and transmission heterogeneity from the size distribution of stuttering chains", PLoS Computational Biology, 9 : e1002993- (2013) .

Pepin, K.M., Lass, S., Pulliam, J.R.C., Read, A.F., and Lloyd-Smith, J.O., "Identifying genetic markers for surveillance of viral host jumps", Nature Reviews Microbiology, 8 : 802-813 (2010) .

Rimoin A.W., Mulembakani, P.M., Johnston, S., Lloyd-Smith, J.O., Kisalu, N.K., Lutete, T.K., Blumberg, S., Thomassen, H.A., Pike, B.L., Fair, J.N., Wolfe, N.D., Shongo, R.L., Graham, B.S., Formenty, P., Okitolonda, E., Hensley, L., Meyer, H., Wright, L.L., and Muyembe, J.-J., "Major increase in human monkeypox incidence of human 30 years after smallpox vaccination campaigns cease in the Democratic Republic of Congo", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 107 : 16262-16267 (2010) .

Lloyd-Smith, J.O., George, D.,Pepin, K.M., Pitzer, V.E., Pulliam, J.R.C., Dobson, A.P., Hudson, P.J. and Grenfell, B.T., "Epidemic dynamics at the human-animal interface", Science, 326 : 1362-1367 (2009) .

Schreiber, S.J. and Lloyd-Smith, J.O., "Invasion dynamics in spatially heterogeneous environments", American Naturalist, 174 : 490-505 (2009) .

Lloyd-Smith, J.O., Greig, D., Ghneim, G., Hietala, S., Palmer, L., St. Leger, J., Grenfell, B.T., Gulland, F.M.D., "Cyclical changes in seroprevalence of leptospirosis in California sea lions: endemic and epidemic disease in one host species?", BMC Infectious Diseases, 7 : 125- (2007) .

Cross, P.C., Lloyd-Smith, J.O., Johnson, P.L., Getz, W.M., "Dueling time scales of host mixing and disease recovery determine invasion of disease in structured populations", Ecology Letters, 8 : 587-595 (2005) .