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Graduate studies in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology emphasize education and research toward a PhD. All doctoral students pursue a common set of requirements, while focusing their research in one of our specializations. We encourage prospective students to contact faculty with complementary research interests before applying to our program.


Blumstein, Gowaty, Grether, Narins, Nonacs, Schlinger

conservation biology

Alfaro, Barber, Blumstein, Fong, Grether, Hubbell, Rundel, Sack, Shaffer, Smith, Sork, Wayne


Amarasekare, Fong, Hespenheide, Lloyd-Smith, MacDonald, Rundel, Sack, Shaffer, Smith, Sork, VanValkenburgh, R. Zimmer, C.A. Zimmer

evolutionary biology

Alfaro, Barber, Brunk, Buth, Gowaty, Jacobs, Lloyd-Smith, Shaffer, Smith, Sork, Taylor, VanValkenburgh, Wayne

marine biology

Alfaro, Barber, Buth, Fong, Gordon, Jacobs, Zimmer, Zimmer


Jacobs, MacDonald, VanValkenburgh, Wayne

plant biology

Fong, Gibson, Hubbell, Rundel, Sack, Sork

physiological ecology

Gibson, Gordon, Rundel, Sack


Alfaro, Amarasekare, Hubbell, Lloyd-Smith, Nonacs, Taylor

ecoevotheory site

tropical biology

Gibson, Hespenheide, Hubbell, Rundel, Sack, Smith, Sork

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