The Conservation Biology Minor

The CONSERVATION BIOLOGY minor seeks to provide students with a greater depth of experience and understanding the role that science can play in developing conservation policy.

Effective June 2020 and forward, all departmental majors (Biology; Ecology, Behavior and Evolution; and Marine Biology) will no longer be able to declare the Conservation Biology due to extensive curriculum overlap. 


All pre-requisites for the Conservation Biology minor must be completed with a grade of “C” or better:

  • Life Sciences 7B or LS 1 (5 units)
  • EE BIOL 100 (4 units)
  • EE BIOL 116* (4 units) OR Environment 121 (4 units) – Choose one.
    *Students who have received credit for EE BIOL 116 cannot take Environment 121.


Students who are declared as a Conservation Biology are greatly encouraged to participate in either the Field Biology Quarter (FBQ) or the Marine Biology Quarter (MBQ).