March 20, 2023

1 - 2 pm
Kelp Kulture

Lori Laiwa Thomas
Santa Rosa Junior College

"Yake Hintil Ma’a Kaieeholo (taqhohai) and Toon’o. Food Sovereignty: We Still Gather Our Indian Foods of Kelp and Seaweed (central Pomo language)"

Laiwa Thomas is a traditional food expert indigenous to the coastal region of the North Central California coast. This lecture/discussion will center on the importance of traditional foods within California, especially the Boya Pomo coastal community where she was raised on her father’s reservation located three miles from the Pacific Ocean. Laiwa Thomas will discuss food sovereignty, challenges and limitations to gathering/harvesting, future plans for harvesting kelp and seaweed, and share stories which connect current day Boya/Pdahau people with specific places along the north central coast.


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