MEMBG/EEB/NHM Interesting Urban Insects

Interesting Urban Insects
 Saturday  April 17th 10am
Free Virtual Event – Register Here

At the Botanical Garden, insects can be observed pollinating flowers, moving seeds, and so much more. Have you ever stopped to wonder what’s flying, crawling, and wriggling around our city? Over 3,000 species of insects have been observed in Los Angeles on the iNaturalist/Seek apps, and new species are still being discovered by scientists today! Anyone can become a community scientist and help to identify and document species living in our city. Meet your insect neighbors and get ready for the 2021 City Nature Challenge (April 30th – May 3rd).

Register for this free virtual event to:
• Ask questions with UCLA PhD Students Eva Horna Lowell & Alejandra Gamboa of the Pinter-Wollman Lab
• Learn about insect identification
• Explore how to use the Seek app
• Print your very own Insect Explorer Guide