UCLA EEB Professors Kirk Lohmueller & Robert Wayne, Current EEB Graduate Student Christopher Kyriazis, and Former Wayne Lab Student, Dr. Jacqueline Robinson are Featured Across Multiple News Outlets for their Research that was Recently Published in Science

UCLA EEB Professors Kirk Lohmueller and Robert Wayne, current EEB graduate student Christopher Kyriazis, and former Wayne lab student, Dr. Jacqueline Robinson are featured across multiple news outlets for their research that was recently published in the journal, Science.

The vaquita porpoise, the world’s smallest marine mammal, is on the brink of extinction, with 10 or fewer still living in Mexico’s Gulf of California, their sole habitat. But a genetic analysis by a team of our very own from UCLA, and colleagues from other agencies and institutions have found, that the critically endangered species remains relatively healthy and can potentially survive if action is taken now.

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