Professor Nandita Garud Receives One of Six Awards from the Inaugural Year of Scialog: Microbiome, Neurobiology and Disease

Research Corporation for Science Advancement, The Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group, and the Frederick Gardner Cottrell Foundation are announcing awards totaling $770,000 to six multidisciplinary teams from the United States and Canada in the inaugural year of Scialog: Microbiome, Neurobiology and Disease. Each of the 14 individual researchers will receive $55,000.

The initiative brought together more than 50 scientists from a variety of disciplines to propose cutting-edge research to help transform our understanding of the gut-brain axis at the chemical, microbial, and immunological level.

Our very own EEB Professor, Nandita Garud, along with Will Ludington from the Carnegie Institution was awarded one of the six awards.

For more information on this inaugural year, please visit Six Projects Win Funding in 1st year of Scialog: Microbiome, Neurobiology and Disease".