Recent publication by EEB PhD Student, Benjamin Hà, and EEB Faculty, Paul Barber and Rachel Kennison, on interdisciplinary approaches to advancing anti-racist teaching strategies in EEB

EEB PhD Student, Benjamin Hà, collaborated with EEB faculty members, Paul Barber and Rachel Kennison, on an article titled, “Interdisciplinary approaches to advancing anti-racist pedagogies in ecology, evolution, and conservation biology” which has been published online in Trends in Ecology and Evolution. The goal of this article is to demonstrate how EEB can use interdisciplinarity and anti-racist pedagogy to confront Eurocentric curricula and practices. By ignoring the racist history of EEB, we only continue to perpetuate Whiteness in our research and teachings. As an example of applying this framework, the article highlights an undergraduate seminar designed and instructed by Benjamin Hà called “The History and Racism of Biology Research.” The article also includes concrete examples of transforming traditional EEB lecture content into anti-racist content.