Update to Computing Specialization Hold

Effective May 1st, 2024, our department will be placing an indefinite hold on the Computing Specialization for all our departmental majors (Biology, EBE, & Marine Biology).

The Computing Specialization originated in the 1990s and comprises of 6 courses (5 lower division and 1 upper division), many of which are now obsolete. In the last two years, we have noticed an uptick in interest in this specialization and we felt it essential to put a pause on the specialization until we can determine the future of the Computing Specialization within our

If you have begun taking courses that can count towards the computing specialization, please reach out to us via Message Center so that our advisors can review your DARS and determine
your eligibility to declare the Computing Specialization.

**Please note that students who are approved to continue with the Computing Specialization will still be held responsible for completing 6 courses towards the specialization and will be
responsible for finding and petitioning courses to fulfill the now-obsolete courses.

We recognize that for interested students who have not started the Computing Specialization requirements, this might not be the news you wanted to hear, but we strongly encourage students to review minors with similar course content. These minors include Data Science Engineering , Systems Biology , Mathematical Biology , & Structural Biology.

EEB Undergraduate Office