Robert Wayne



Recent Courses

E&S SCI M216 | EE BIOL M200A - Evolutionary Biology
EE BIOL 19 - Fiat Lux Freshman Seminars
EE BIOL 194B - Research Group or Internship Seminars: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Research Interests

Application of molecular genetic techniques to questions in systematics, population genetics, and sociobiology

Selected Publications

Robinson J, C Brown, B Kim, K Lohmueller, R Wayne, "Purging of strongly deleterious mutations explains long-term persistence and absence of inbreeding depression in island foxes", Current Biology, 28 : 1-8 (2018) [link].

Hedrick, P, Wayne, R Fredrickson R, "Genetic rescue, not genetic swamping, is important for Mexican wolves", Biological Conservation, 224 : 266-267 (2018) .

Hendricks S, R Schweizer, R Harrigan, J Pollinger, R Brown, P Paquet, C Darimont, J Adams, L Waits, B vonHoldt, P Hohenlohe, R Wayne, "Natural re-colonization and admixture of wolves (Canis lupus) in the US Pacific Northwest: challenges for the protection and management of rare and endangered taxa", Heredity, 224 : - (2018) .

Pilot M, Greco C, vonHoldt BM, Randi E, J?drzejewski W, Sidorovich VE, Ostrander EA, Wayne RK, "Widespread, long?term admixture between grey wolves and domestic dogs across Eurasia and its implications for the conservation status of hybrids", Evol Appl, 11 : 662-680 (2018) [link].

Fraser D, Mouton A, Serieys LEK, Cole S, Carver S, Vandewoude S, Lappin M, Riley SPD, Wayne R, "Genome-wide expression reveals multiple systemic effects associated with detection of anticoagulant poisons in bobcats (Lynx rufus)", Molecular Ecology, 27 (5): 1170-1187 (2018) .

Nigenda-Morales, SF; Harrigan, RJ; Wayne, RK, "Playing by the rules? Phenotypic adaptation to temperate environments in an American marsupial", PeerJ, 6 : e4512- (2018) .

Serieys, LEK; Lea, AJ; Epeldegui, M; Armenta, TC; Moriarty, J; VandeWoude, S; Carver, S; Foley, J; Wayne, RK; Riley, SPD; Uittenbogaart, CH, "Urbanization and anticoagulant poisons promote immune dysfunction in bobcats", Proc. R. Soc. B, 285 (1871): 20172533- (2018) .

Nigenda-Morales SF, Hu Y, Beasley J, Ruiz-Pi�a HA, Valenzuela-Galv�n D, Wayne RK, "Transcriptomic analysis of skin pigmentation variation in the Virginia opossum (Didelphis virginiana)", Mol Ecol, 285 (1871): - (2018) .

Schweizer RM, Durvasula A, Smith J, Vohr SH, Stahler DR, Galaverni M, Thalmann O, Smith DW, Randi E, Ostrander EA, Green RE, Lohmueller KE, Novembre J, Wayne RK, "Natural Selection and Origin of a Melanistic Allele in North American Gray Wolves", Molecular Biology and Evolution, 35 : 1190-1209 (2018) .

Ostrander, EA; Wayne, RK; Freedman, AH; Davis, BW. Demographic history, selection and functional diversity of the canine genome. 2017 Dec;18(12):, "Natural Selection and Origin of a Melanistic Allele in North American Gray Wolves", Nat Rev Genet, 18 (12): 705-720 (2017) .