Seth Riley

Associate Adjunct Professor

phone: 74746
office: RM 5324, LSB C/O DR. BOB WAYNE

Recent Courses

Research Interests

Seth's research focuses on the ecology and conservation of wildlife in fragmented urban landscapes. Specifically, this includes the behavior and ecology of wide-ranging mammalian carnivores such as mountain lions and bobcats, the effects of fragmentation and roads on the population genetic structure of wildlife (including carnivores, reptiles, and birds), and the effects of urbanization on the diversity and abundance of reptile and amphibian communities. Seth is also interested in conservation and management of wildlife in National Parks, and in the effective long-term monitoring of National Park resources.

Selected Publications

Riley, S. P. D., L. E. K. Serieys, J. P. Pollinger, J. A. Sikich, L. Dalbeck, R. K. Wayne, and H. B. Ernest, "Individual behavior dominates the dynamics of a mountain lion population in a highly fragmented urban landscape", Current Biology, 24 : 1989-1994 (2014) .

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Carver, S., A. V. Scorza, S. N. Bevins, S. P. D. Riley, K. R. Crooks, S. Vandewoude, and M. R. Lappin, "Zoonotic parasites of bobcats around human landscapes", Journal of Clinical Microbiology, 50 : 3080-3083 (2012) .

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