Peggy Fong


phone: (310) 825-1772
office: 4101A Life Sciences Building (LSB)

Recent Courses

EE BIOL 148 - Biology of Marine Plants
EE BIOL 194B - Research Group or Internship Seminars: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
EE BIOL 495 - Preparation for Teaching Biology in Higher Education

Research Interests

Selected Publications

Johnson GC, Pezner AK, Sura SS, Fong P, "Nutrients and herbivory, but not sediments, have opposite and independent effects on the tropical macroalga, Padina boryana", Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 507 : 17-22 (2018) .

Glynn PW, Feingold JS, Baker A, Banks S, Baums I, Cole J, Colgan M, Fong P, Glynn J, Keith I, Manzelo D, Riegl R, Ruttenberg B, Smith T, Vera-Zambrano M, "State of corals and coral reefs of the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador): Past, present and future", Marine Pollution Bulletin, 133 : 717-733 (2018) .

Bittick SJ, Sutula M, Fong P, "A tale of two algal blooms: negative and predictable effects of two common macroalgae on seagrass health", Marine Environmental Research, 140 : 1-9 (2018) .

Muthukrishnan R, Fong P, "Rapid recovery of a coral dominated Eastern Tropical Pacific reef after experimentally produced anthropogenic disturbance", Marine Environmental Research, 139 : 79-86 (2018) .

Bittick SJ, Clausing RJ, Fong, CR, Scoma SR, Fong P, "A rapidly expanding macroalga acts as a foundational species providing trophic support and habitat in the South Pacific", Ecosystems, 139 : - (2018) [link].

Fong CR, Frias M, Goody N, Bittick SJ, Clausing RJ, Fong P, "Empirical data demonstrates risk-tradeoffs between landscapes for herbivorous ?sh may promote reef resilience", Marine Environmental Research, 133 : 1-5 (2018) .

Fong CR, Bittick SJ, Fong P, "Simultaneous synergist, antagonistic, and additive interactions between multiple local stressors all degrade algal turf communities on coral reefs", Journal of Ecology, 104 : 1390-1400 (2017) [link].

Fong CR, Fong P, "Nutrient fluctuations in marine systems: Press versus pulse nutrient subsidies affect producer competition and diversity in estuaries and coral reefs", Estuaries and Coasts, 41 : 421-429 (2017) [link].

Bergman JL, Dang BN, Tabatabaee MM, McGowan MM, Fong CR, Bittick SJ, Fong P, "Nutrients induce and herbivores maintain thallus toughness, a structural anti-herbivory defense in Turbinaria ornata", Marine Ecology Progress Series, 559 : 35-43 (2016) [link].

Clausing RJ, Bittick SJ, Fong CR, Fong P, "Sediments influence accumulation of two macroalgal species though novel but opposite interactions with nutrients and herbivory", Coral Reefs, 35 : 1297-1309 (2016) [link].