Karen Sears


email: ksears@ucla.edu
office: 4113 Life Sciences Building (LSB)

Recent Courses

Research Interests

Organismal form is the product of a complex suite of interacting developmental processes. Variation in these processes allows mammals to adapt to changing environments, but also generates congenital malformations in humans. Developmental variation therefore presents a unifying concept for evolutionary biology and biomedicine, whose understanding is critical to the success of both fields. My primary research goals are to determine how developmental variation interacts with environmental factors within a species to produce congenital malformations in humans, and among species to generate new evolutionary adaptations in mammals. To pursue these goals, I characterize developmental variation across biological scales, and interpret how this variation drives evolution and malformations in form. I incorporate data from fields from paleontology to mathematics to genomics to developmental biology. I also study multiple model and non-model mammals (e.g., mouse, bat, cat, deer, horse, pig, opossum). I use this approach to investigate three major topics: mammalian limb evolution and development, major evolutionary transformations during mammalian evolution, and mammalian sensory system evolution.

Selected Publications

Yohe LR, Davies KTJ, Simmons NB, Sears KE, Dumont ER, Rossiter SJ, Dávalos LM, "Evaluating the performance of targeted sequence capture, RNA-Seq, and degenerate-primer PCR cloning for sequencing the largest mammalian multigene family", Molecular ecology resources, - (2019) .

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Cooper LN, Sears KE, Armfield BA, Kala B, Hubler M, Thewissen JGM, "Review and experimental evaluation of the embryonic development and evolutionary history of flipper development and hyperphalangy in dolphins (Cetacea: Mammalia)", Genesis (New York, N.Y. : 2000), 56 (1): - (2018) .

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