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Glen MacDonald

I am a geographer and paleoclimatologist interested in the lessons of the past for understanding our present - day climate change predicament, especially here in the North American Southwest. This region has experienced arid conditions since the start of the 21st century. [ read more]

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Dr. Coen Elemans, Institute of Biology - University of Southern Denmark, "Singing in a Jar: Physical Mechanisms and Motor Control of Avian Sound Production ex vivo"

BEC BEN TRUMBLE: Surviving the Flood: Risk Management, Resilience, and the Endocrine and Health Impacts of Natural Disaster in a Subsistence Population

Welcome to the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at UCLA, home of the Biology Major. Our mission is to provide new knowledge of the ecological and evolutionary processes that produce and sustain life on Earth and to educate the next generation of scholars, professionals, and citizens for the biological, environmental and biotechnological challenges of the future.

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Our faculty members are engaged in exciting, high-quality research that generates a dynamic learning environment for undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral students. For undergraduates, we offer a choice of a broad-based major in biology and two specialized majors within ecology and evolutionary biology. We provide extensive individual research opportunities with professors and exciting field courses taught around the world. Our graduate program has strengths in theoretical ecology, molecular ecology, behavioral ecology, evolutionary genetics, evolutionary conservation, paleobiology, marine biology, and tropical biology. Please explore our website and learn more about our educational programs and research activities.

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