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Studying infectious diseases at the animal-human interface

Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Our Research Program

We combine mathematical and computer models with field and laboratory data to understand how infectious diseases spread and evolve, and how to reduce their health impacts.

We focus on zoonotic diseases, which are diseases that transmit from animals to humans. Zoonoses make up 60% of all human pathogens and 75% of emerging infections, but are less well-studied than other human infections because their natural history crosses traditional scientific disciplines. We use models to integrate ideas and data from many disciplines, with the aim of answering big questions about zoonotic and emerging pathogens.

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MAY 2015
Lei wins a prestigious postdoctoral fellowship! more.

MAY 2015
Angela advances to candidacy! more.

APRIL 2015
Jamie and co-authors have published an opinion in Trends in Ecology and Evolution...Read it here.

APRIL 2015
Ruian is hitting the tenure more.

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