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Are you interested in applying to professional or graduate school and working in health care? Here are some resources to get you started.


The UCLA Career Center offers personal assistance and programs on the graduate and professional school application process, including program selection, the personal essay, faculty recommendations, admissions tests, and financial assistance. In the Fall quarter, the Career Center hosts the annual UCLA Graduate and Professional School Fair. This fair attracts representatives from more than 150 colleges and universities who showcase their university programs and offer admission information. (Retrieved August 17, 2010, from

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In addition to submitting your applications for the professional school or graduate program that you plan to apply to, there are pre-requisite courses that must be completed prior to matriculation. It is your responsibility to determine the specific requirements for the programs that you are interested in.


Other Allied Health Professions Allied health professions can be clinical or administrative in nature. For more information on allied health careers, visit


Post-baccalaureate programs are for students who have already completed a Bachelor's degree but who wish to pursue a career in health care or medical sciences. There are a variety of post-baccalaureate programs available, e.g., Career Changers, students with no science background; students who need to improve their science grades, etc.

For more information about post-baccalaureate programs, visit the following webpage on the American Association of Medical Colleges:.