MBQ Fall 2016 news


The Marine Biology Quarter (MBQ) and Field Biology Quarter (FBQ) are field programs planned to give advanced undergraduates an opportunity to gain intimate and first hand knowledge of both marine and terrestrial communities. They are also designed as a real world training experience in devising and carrying through to completion scientific research projects in both habitats. The MBQ/FBQ satisfies the field quarter requirement for the Marine Biology major and the Ecology, Biology, and Evolution (EBE) major. Qualified students in other majors and departments are welcome to apply.

We are pleased to announce that the upcoming MBQ/FBQ is being held at Wrigley Marine Science Center (WMSC) on Catalina Island. For more information about WMSC, visit: http://dornsife.usc.edu/wrigley/wmsc.

Students and faculty will be in residence at WMSC from Wednesday, October 12 – Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

The ability to dive is not a requirement for the FMBQ and SCUBA diving is optional. Students who wish to dive must be scientifically certified and must comply with all laboratory and safety policies at WMSC.

Fall 2016 FMBQ Courses (16 units): Dr. Brenda Larison (FBQ) and TBA (MBQ)
EE BIOLOGY 132: Field Behavioral Ecology (Larison)
EE BIOLOGY 123B: Field Marine Ecology (TBA)
All participants will be enrolled into the MBQ classes by the undergraduate counselors.

Cost: The cost of the FMBQ is in addition to quarterly registration fees (at UCLA). This additional cost covers room and board as well as other facilities fees to be determined.

Prerequisites: Prerequisites for the FMBQ are Life Sciences 1, EE BIOLOGY 100, EE BIOLOGY 109 and 109L (offered in Summer Sessions 2016 – Session A), and the consent of the instructors. EE BIOLOGY 129 is recommended. EE BIOLOGY 100 is offered during both Spring Quarter 2016, and Summer Sessions 2016 - Session A. The remaining courses are offered during Summer 2016. Students pursuing a major offered within the department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology will be given priority. It is preferred that students complete as much of the core curriculum for the Life Science majors as possible. Students majoring outside of EE BIOLOGY may take the MBQ/FBQ courses if they meet these qualifications and if there is space available. Preference will be given to seniors who will graduate by June 2017, and to students with advanced training, especially in field and marine-related courses.

Application Process: Applications for the Fall 2016 FMBQ are available HERE and in the EE BIOLOGY Undergraduate Office (101 Hershey Hall). For selected applicants, a personal interview will be arranged through the EE BIOLOGY Undergraduate Office. Interviews will be scheduled once all applications have been reviewed.

DEADLINE: Applications must be submitted electronically at eebundergrad@lifesci.ucla.edu by Friday, April 15, 2016, by 4:00 p.m. In addition to the application, students must also attach a copy of their Degree Audit Report (DAR)/Degree Progress Report (DPR).