MBQ Fall 2012 news



Applications are still being accepted for the Fall 2012 MBQ to Catalina Island!
(Applications in both Word and PDF format are attached.)

Applications are being accepted until Thursday, MARCH 1, 2012, at 4:00PM.
Submit three (3) copies of the APPLICATION PACKET to the EEB Undergraduate Office (LS 2325) or via e-mail to Jessica Angus (jangus@lifesci.ucla.edu).

Questions? Send them to Jessica Angus at jangus@lifesci.ucla.edu

MBQ Fall 2012 - University of Southern California – Wrigley Marine Science Center

Fall 2012 MBQ announced


The MARINE BIOLOGY QUARTER (MBQ) is a field program planned to give advanced undergraduates an opportunity to gain intimate and first hand knowledge of marine communities, their constituents and their structure. It also provides a real world training experience in devising and completing scientific research projects in marine biology. The MBQ satisfies the field quarter requirement for both the Marine Biology major and the Ecology, Biology and Evolution major. Qualified students in other majors and departments are welcome to apply.

We are pleased to announce that the upcoming MBQ will be held partly on campus and partly at Wrigley Marine Science Center (WMSC) on Catalina Island. For more information about WMSC, visit: http://dornsife.usc.edu/wrigley/wmsc. Students and faculty will be in residence at WMSC from Monday, October 15 – Friday, November 16, 2012. Classes on campus will take place both before and after the field segment.

The ability to dive is not a requirement for the MBQ and SCUBA diving is optional. Students who wish to have the option of using diving in their research projects must be certified in advance at UCLA as research divers. They must comply with all laboratory and safety policies at both UCLA and at WMSC. Liability considerations prevent approval of student diving for recreational purposes during the MBQ.

Fall 2012 MBQ Instructors and Courses:
The curriculum will consist of four courses totaling 16 units of credit. There will be two instructors, each of whom will teach two courses totaling 8 units. One of the two courses will be primarily a hands on research training effort involving both field and laboratory experimental work. The second will be primarily a seminar discussing recent research literature.

Instructors will be Profs. Malcolm Gordon and Patricia Halpin. Course titles will be:

EEB 106: Experimental Marine Invertebrate Biology (Gordon)
EEB 123B: Marine Ecology (Halpin)
EEB 148: Biology of Marine Plants (Halpin)
EEB 163: Biology of Marine Tetrapods (Gordon)

Enrollment into the MBQ courses will be done by the undergraduate counselors.

Cost: The cost of the MBQ is in addition to quarterly URSA fees (at UCLA). This additional cost covers room and board as well as other facilities fees for a total of $1,500. A first deposit of $500 will be due within 10 days of acceptance to secure your place.

Prerequisites: Prerequisites for the MBQ are Life Sciences 1, EE Biology 109 and 109L (offered in Summer Sessions 2012 – Session A) and the consent of the instructors. Marine Biology majors will be given priority. It is preferred that students complete as much of the core curriculum for the Life Science majors as possible. Non-Marine Biology majors may take the MBQ courses if they meet these qualifications and if there is space available. Preference will be given to seniors who will graduate by June 2013, and to students with advanced training, especially in field and marine-related courses.

Application Process: Applications for the Fall 2012 MBQ will be available both online and in the EE Biology Undergraduate Office (LS 2325). For selected applicants, a personal interview will be arranged through the EE Biology Undergraduate Office. Interviews will be scheduled once all applications have been reviewed. Total enrollment will be limited by availability of facilities at WMSC.

DEADLINE: Applications must be submitted to the EE Biology Undergraduate Office (LS 2325) by WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2012 by 4:00 p.m.