Field Biology Quarter

FBQ Spring 2019 - Local (Across California)

Instructor: TBD
Local (Across California)

The FIELD BIOLOGY QUARTER is a quarter-long program designed to give advanced undergraduates experience studying wild organisms in their natural environment. For most students, the FBQ is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that forever shapes how they view the biological world; for a few, it is the start of a rewarding career as a field biologist. Working in groups or individually, FBQ students design and carry out original research in the field, under the guidance of the instructors. Back on campus, students analyze their own data, review the relevant literature, write journal article-style reports, and give informal seminar presentations. Essentially, this is a crash course in the whole process of doing field research. In Spring 2019, the students will participate in 3-4 weeks of fieldwork in remote locations throughout California.