Field Biology Quarter

MBQ Spring 2019 - Moorea, French Polynesia

Instructors: Dr. Peggy Fong, Dr. David Jacobs



The Marine Biology Quarter (MBQ) is a field program that gives advanced undergraduates an opportunity to gain intimate and first hand knowledge of marine communities, their constituents and their structure. It is also designed as a real world training experience in devising and carrying through to completion scientific research projects in marine biology.

Four 4-unit courses (16 units total) will be taught at the University of California, Berkeley, Richard B. Gump South Pacific Research Station, located in Moorea, French Polynesia.

Spring Quarter 2017 MBQ Courses will include:*
EE BIOL106: Experimental Marine Invertebrate Biology
EE BIOL123A: Marine Ecology
EE BIOL124A: Field Ecology
EE BIOL148: Biology of Marine Plants
*Approved students will be enrolled in these courses by the EE BIOL Undergraduate Office.

REQUIRED PRE-REQUISITES (Pre-requisites do not need to be completed prior to applying.)

➢ Life Sciences 1
➢ EE BIOL 109 – Introduction to Marine Science
➢ EE BIOL 109L – Introduction to Marine Science Laboratory
➢ Statistics 13 (or equivalent course)
➢ Competitive GPA
➢ Valid passport


Dive certification through UCLA’s dive program recommended but NOT required. Proficiency at snorkeling is vital; we recommend that it is mastered prior to departure, but it can be learned in the field.

Priority consideration will be given to qualified Marine Biology and other EE BIOL majors.


The cost of the MBQ will be the regular quarterly registration fees plus additional fees to cover the cost of room and board and travel ($3500-$4000). Financial aid students may be able to revise their 2017-19 budget and apply for additional funds to cover the cost of the MBQ. If you have a University Housing contract (includes dorms, University Apartments) for the 2018-19 academic year, you will need to contact the UCLA Housing Office to revise your housing agreement for Spring Quarter 2019. Moreover, students with non-University rental and lease agreements will need to make necessary adjustments to their agreements.


Applications will be available during Spring 18 in this webpage.