Field Biology Quarter

FBQ Winter 2018 - More, French Polynesia

Instructors: Daniel T. Blumstein, Peggy Fong
The FBQ & MBQ introduce advanced undergraduates to field studies on the ecology and behavior of organisms living in their natural environments. This program will be an intense, focused research and learning experience. You will be taught the skills to ask research questions in the field, collect data, analyze the data, write up the results, and share your discoveries with your class in a research symposium. Most participants describe the FBQ and MBQ as the highlight of their UCLA education.
The program, which consists of 16 upper division units of coursework, fulfills the field/marine quarter capstone requirement for Ecology Behavior and Evolution majors and the marine quarter requirement for Marine Biology majors. For the Winter 2018 FMBQ, we will visit the UC Gump Field Station in Moorea, French Polynesia.

∗ Is most beneficial to students with some prior training in field and/or marine biology
∗ Is a graduation requirement for Marine Biology and Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution majors
∗ Counts as one category 3 lab course, two category 4 courses, and one category 5 course for Biology majors
∗ Accepts students on a competitive basis, preferably with a GPA of at least 3.0
∗ Preference is given to EBE and Marine Biology Majors and other students in the Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Department
∗ Students in other departments are welcome to apply

Winter 2018 FMBQ Courses: (16 upper division units of coursework, 4 units for each course)
• EE Biol 124 Field Ecology (Dr. Dan Blumstein)
• EE Biol 126 Behavioral Ecology (Dr. Dan Blumstein)
• EE Biol 123 Marine Ecology (Dr. Peggy Fong)
• EE Biol 148 Biology of Marine Plants (Dr. Peggy Fong)

Cost: The cost of the FMBQ will be normal registration fees and tuition plus fees for additional costs associated with transportation, room and board. If you are accepted for the Winter 2018 FMBQ, a non-refundable deposit will be due after the interview process is complete. Although costs could rise, the fees are expected to be around $3,000-$4,000.

Prerequisites: Prerequisites for the FMBQ are Life Sciences 1, Stats 13/10, EE Biol 100, EE Biol 109 and the consent of the instructors. (Recommended courses are EE Biology 122 and 129). It is preferred that students complete as much of the core curriculum for the Life Science majors as possible. Students must have a valid passport.

Snorkeling and Diving: Snorkeling is required. However, during the course we will train any students not comfortable snorkeling. Students that obtain their basic SCUBA certification by Summer 2017 may take an intensive scientific diving course at UCLA in Fall Quarter and dive in Moorea.

Application Process: Applications for the Winter 2018 FMBQ are now available online and by email at For selected applicants, a personal interview will be arranged through the EE Biology Undergraduate Office. Interviews will be scheduled soon after the application deadline.

DEADLINE: Please email your application packet to the EEB Undergraduate Office <> by 4PM on Thursday, February 2, 2017. Each packet should include your application and Degree Progress Report (DPR) or Degree Audit Report (DAR).