Field Biology Quarter

MBQ Fall 2006 - Bodega Bay Marine Laboratory

Instructors: Dr. C.A. Zimmer, Dr. R. Zimmer, Dr. D. Buth, Dr. M. Gordon

The MARINE BIOLOGY QUARTER is a field program planned to give advanced undergraduates an opportunity to gain intimate and first hand knowledge of marine communities, their constituents and their structure. It is also designed as a real world training experience in devising and carrying through to completion scientific research projects in marine biology.

The four 4-unit courses listed below will be taught at the University of California Bodega Marine Laboratory in northern California. Students will be in residence there for the entire Fall Quarter. Emphasis is given to integrating field and laboratory studies of the local marine organisms. The ability to dive is not a requirement for participation and SCUBA diving will not be a part of the official program. Any diving done by students will be on their own using their own gear, away from University facilities. The program and the University will take no responsibility or liability for such activities.

Fall 2006 MBQ Courses:
EE Biol 106 Experimental Marine Invertebrate Biology (Dr. C. A. Zimmer)
EE Biol 123 Marine Ecology (Dr. R. Zimmer)
EE Biol 164 Field Biology of Marine Fishes (Dr. D. Buth)
EE Biol 165 Ecological Physiology of Marine Vertebrates (Dr. M. Gordon)

EE Biol 106 and 123 will be offered in the first half of the quarter; EE Biol 164 and 165 will be offered in the second half. Students must enroll in all four courses.

Cost: The cost of the MBQ will be normal registration fees plus a room and board fee to be determined, which will not exceed UCLA dorm rates for that period. If you are holding a residence hall contract that begins in Fall 2006, contact the UCLA Housing Office for information on assignments. If you are accepted for the Fall 2006 MBQ, a non-refundable deposit of $500.00 is payable in two installments ($200 due April 1, 2006, and $300 due August 1, 2006). This will be credited to the cost of housing at the Bodega Marine Lab. Registration fees will be billed to your student billing account as usual. Note: Fees are subject to change.

Prerequisites: Prerequisites for the MBQ are Life Sciences 1, EE Biology 109 (offered in Winter Quarter 2006) and the consent of the instructors. Marine Biology majors will be given priority. It is preferred that students complete as much of the core curriculum for the Life Science majors as possible. Non-Marine Biology majors may take the MBQ courses if they meet these qualifications and if there is space available. Preference will be given to seniors who will graduate by June 2007, and to students with advanced training, especially in field and marine-related courses.

Application Process: Applications for the Fall 2006 MBQ are now available in the EE Biology Undergraduate Office (LS 2325). For selected applicants, a personal interview will be arranged through the EE Biology Undergraduate Office. Interviews are scheduled for November 15 and 17, 2005 (afternoon).

DEADLINE: Applications must be submitted to the EE Biology Undergraduate Office (LS 2325)
by FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 2005 by 4:00 p.m.