Elizabeth Karan

email:   Elizabeth Karan
phone:  (310) 206-2240
office:  TLSB 2154
advisor: Michael Alfaro

Research Interest

I am interested in the evolution of colors and color patterns in reef-associated acanthomorphs.


PUPA Gilbert, KD Bergmann, CE Myers, MA Marcus, RT DeVol, C-Y Sun, AZ Blonsky, J Zhao, EA Karan, E Tamre, N Tamura, AJ Giuffre, S Lemer, G Giribet, JM Eiler, AH Knoll. (2017) Nacre tablet thickness records formation temperature in modern and fossil shells. Earth and Planetary Sciences Letters 460: 281–292

Honors and Awards

UCLA Irving and Jean Stone Fellowship: 2017

Museum of Comparative Zoology Grant for Undergraduate Research : 2015

Harvard College Research Prize : 2015

David Rockefeller International Experience Grant : 2014


2016   Harvard University   A.B.    Organismic and Evolutionary Biology