Christina Del Carpio

email:   Christina Del Carpio
office:  TSLB 4140
advisor: Robert Wayne

Research Interest

I started as a PhD student in the Wayne lab in Fall 2017 and am broadly interested in questions regarding gene function. I received my B.S. from Duke University in 2011 and studied behavioral thermoregulation in three species of lemurs. My interests in biology expanded as a lab instructor for Introduction to Molecular Biology at Duke. I then transitioned to working as a lab manager for the Tung lab at Duke, which is primarily focused on studying the genomics and epigenomics of non-human primates. During that time I took a lead role in the wet lab work for developing and testing a novel method (mSTARR-seq) to assess genome-wide effects of DNA methylation on gene regulation. Currently I am interested in exploring two avenues of research: 1) a cell based assay to test immune response and gene function in the North American gray wolf (Canis lupus) and 2) testing the functional effects of DNA methylation on gene expression in domestic dogs (Canis familiaris).

Honors and Awards

NIH Funded Genomic Analysis Training Program (GATP) Trainee : 2018

NSF Graduate Research Fellow: 2017


2011   Duke University   B.S.    Biology and Evolutionary Anthropology