Daniel Cooper

Research Interest

I'm using a variety of datasets and analytic methods to understand the response of birds to urbanization, focusing on raptors and herons in the Los Angeles area. I'm also comparing historical survey information (Breeding Bird Atlas) to modern information (eBird) to elucidate patterns of filtering and adaptation.


Cooper, D.S., J. Mongolo, and C. Dellith (2017) Status of the California gnatcatcher at the northern edge of its range. Western Birds 48: 124-140

Cooper, D.S. (2015) Flora of Griffith Park Crossosoma 41: 1-86

Cooper, D.S. and A.E. Muchlinski (2015) Recent decline of lowland populations of the western gray squirrel in the Los Angeles area of southern California Bull. So. Cal. Acad. Sci. 114: 42-53


1999   University of California, Riverside   M.Sc.    Geography

1995   Harvard University   A.B.    Biology