Dana Williams

email:   Dana Williams
office:  LSB 4802
advisor: Daniel Blumstein

Research Interest

I study the social and life history traits driving cognition at the individual and evolutionary levels as well as how social networks influence social learning decisions and the transmission of information between individuals.


Blumstein, DT, Williams, DM, Lim, A, Kroeger, S., Martin, J.G.A (2018) Strong social relationships are associated with decreased longevity in a facultatively social mammal. Proc. Roy. Soc. B. 285: 20171934

Dana M. Williams Diogo S.M. Samia William E. Cooper, Jr Daniel T. Blumstein (2014) The flush early and avoid the rush hypothesis holds after accounting for spontaneous behavior Behavioral Ecology 25: 1136–1147

Honors and Awards

NSF-GRFP honorable mention: 2016


2014   Wellesley College   B.A. Biological Sciences    Biological Sciences