Brigit Harvey

email:   Brigit Harvey
office:  LS 4329
advisor: Gregory Grether


Brigit Harvey, Kaylee Vanni, Debra Shier, Greg Grether (2017) Experimental test of the mechanism underlying sexual segregation at communal roosts of harvestmen (Prionostemma spp.) Ethology 123: 516-525

Corina Logan, Brigit Harvey, Barney Schlinger, Michelle Rensel (2016) Western scrub-jays do not appear to attend to functionality in Aesop’s Fable experiments. PeerJ e1017:

Michelle Rensel, Jesse M Ellis, Brigit Harvey, Barney Schlinger (2015) Sex, Estradiol, and Spatial Memory in a Food-caching Corvid Hormones and Behavior 75: 45-54

Honors and Awards

Departmental Schechtman Teaching Award : 2017

Graduate Research Award Committee’s Research Grant: 2017

La Kretz Center for California Conservation Science Grant Awardee: 2016

UCLA College Honors (2011-2015): 2015


2015   University of California, Los Angeles   B.S.    Biology