Tiara Moore

email:   Tiara Moore
phone:  310 206-6560
office:  Botany 411
advisor: Peggy Fong


Moore, T and Wilkinson, G (2017) Student Highlights from ASLO ASM 2017 Limnology and Oceanography Bulletin

Wilkinson, G., Gaynus, C., Moore, T., Rosengard, S., Schiebel, H., & Zwart, J (2017) Innovations and Solutions for ASLO Student Travel Grants Limnology and Oceanography Bulletin

Leasi, F., Gaynus, C., Mahardini, A., Moore, T., Norenburg, J., & Barber, P. (2016) Spatial and ecological distribution of neglected microinvertebrate communities across endangered ecosystems: Meiofauna in Bali (Indonesia). Marine Ecology

Honors and Awards

Graduate Grant Recipient: 2017

La Kretz Graduate Grant Recipient: 2015

UCHBCU Initiative Fellowship Recipeint: 2015


2011   Winthrop University   BS    Biology

2013   Hampton University   MS    Biology/Environmental Science